Move Over ClickBank,There's A New Kid In Town!

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    Hey there fellow Blackhatters!

    You've heard of marketplaces like ClickBank, and others,
    selling products, offering affiliates to promote individual
    products that they offer - to allow affiliates to earn
    unthinkably incomes every single month!

    Besides the money... why else do they use these marketplaces?

    Simplicity and ease of use!

    Everything they'll need is in one place. Affiliates know they
    can find *something* and vendors know that listing their
    product at $50 should help them to recruit people to help
    them sell it.

    Problem is, especially for the newbie affiliate marketer,
    you not only have to wait at least two weeks between paychecks,
    they also have a bunch of requirements like having 5 different
    buyers with credit cards and the like. And, if you don't make
    sales fast enough, you get to sit by and watch your account
    slowly be penalized back down to $0. It's frustrating!

    Well, there's finally a much easier way. You've probably
    heard the buzz about instant commission products, right?
    They solve all these problems by sending payments directly
    to your PayPal account. Instead of getting a cut of total
    sales after who knows how long, you get full sales every
    so many (ie., a 50% commission pays out every other sale).

    But, until now, there's been no single marketplace for this
    kind of affiliate product. Some have tried, but it took too
    much effort for the vendors -- often with large inventories
    to manage -- to get their products into the system.

    Others have even created and sold $17 ebooks made up of just
    a bunch of links to different vendors who market using the
    Rapid Action Profits script (the recognized leader in instant
    commissions). Thing is, then you'd have to go sign up to a
    bunch of programs.

    You probably noticed I wrote "until now" above, right?
    That's because there's finally a solution that'll make
    everyone happy. The vendors can automatically upload all
    their products in one fell swoop and affiliates only need
    a single affiliate id in order to sign up for them all in
    one spot.

    * instant commissions via PayPal - no waiting 2-4 weeks
    for payout

    * exclusive reporting showing which product's getting a
    lot of traffic over past 1 day, 2 days, 3 days,
    1 month... and more!

    * ability to promote a single product directly -
    sending them straight to the vendor's site

    * ability to promote an actual page, category, etc..
    on the marketplace - and get paid even if they choose
    a different product! (powerful feature!)

    * instant integration, upload, product reports for those of
    you who actually have RapidActionProfits as your
    sales and affiliate marketing system!

    * and many, many more ....


    Check it out here...

    My affiliate ID ==> Wiz Edit: Affiliate Link Removed

    Direct link ==> Click Here


    There's even a global affiliate center, so you can see
    your stats in one location! No more searching down those
    those affiliate programs - hoping to find a good "instant
    commission product" - only to be burdened by yet another
    place to login to view your stats...

    * you can do all that and sooo much more
    in your 'affiliate center' here...

    See you there. :)

    PS - I almost forgot. It's FREE to join!

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    Thanks for letting us know, but I doubt anyone will use your affiliate link in this copy+paste thread.
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    trying to make a living online
    been using it for some weeks now conversions are ok, I think a lot of the products are used to get people on lists.
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    I am just following the rules for posting any new affiliate network or my thread will be deleted.

    Regarding my affiliate link , of course i would like anyone to click it but a rule is a rule.
    I can't change that.:cool:
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    Well, the instant commissions paid caught my eye, but whos eye wouldnt it catch lol
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    Over there.. over there.. got nice pair of eyes! :)
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    I know right, thanks lol