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    The Motor Club Of America Has Been Serving The US And Canada Since 1926
    This company presents a product that everyone can use in their everyday life
    Similar to AAA but 10 times better Once a recruiter you will also receive these amazing benefits

    Up To $80 Per Referral Brought In
    $500 Arrest Bond Certificate
    $2,000 In Attorney Fees
    $25,000 Bail Bond/Felony
    24 Hour Coverage If Injured

    Travel Assistance/Trip Planning

    $500 Emergency Room Cash
    $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
    60% Discount On Prescriptions
    $50,000 Accidental Death
    $1,000 Credit Card Protection
    $54,750 In Hospital Coverage
    And Much More

    Not only do you receive these benefits, but you also have a chance to earn massive income.

    Let's break it down
    There are 3 different packages to choose from
    $9.95 a month- Each person you refer to the program you receive $40
    $14.95 a month-Each person you refer to the program you receive $60
    $19.95 a month-Each person you refer to the program you receive $80
    Also each time your referral refers someone you make $6.00 per sale
    Then $1.32 for anyone else below your third level

    At start up you are required to pay for your first 2 months
    I came in at the $19.95 package so to get started I paid $39.90
    But each person I bring into the program I make $80.00
    Even if you can't get someone to pay $39.90 to get in, you can pay it forward and make $80.00 in return

    Some people maybe wondering, well how do I promote this.
    Believe me it's super easy because everyone wants it.
    I printed 20 flyers showing the benefits and by the time I made it home 8 people signed up. That simple
    I also promote this on Facebook and Craigslist.

    They pay every single Friday Your first check is overnight via UPS Your second check is regular mail or direct deposit. Whichever you choose

    My First Check Was $322.00

    My Second Check Was $860.18

    Bottom line is it's 100% legit Company been around since 1926

    The Company that Pays Us Out Is Called TVC Marketing

    I've been on adsense, clickbank, cj, ebay, and so many other products before and they all do great but this affiliate check is the easiest by far to get...

    If you have questions for someone who is actually doing it and making sales or just want to pick my brain feel free to pm me...

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