Motivational story from a simple person.

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    I don't really know where to post this thread, so if it's wrong here, please move it to the right section.

    Most of the time, I see that many people are looking for easy and fast money. I had the same thoughts when I was about to make money online. Most people quit when the money doesn't come that fast and that's why I write this story.

    I'm a simple guy from Germany and just 20 years old. (So please excuse my English) I live in a little village and because all my friends moved away I'm very lonely here, which is the most negative aspect about my life. While I wasted most of my childhood, playing computer games and ignore social contacts, this attitude changed when I got older. My whole life, money wasn't really a problem for me. My parents have an own house and we never had financial issues. Though we are not that wealthy. That's why I didn't really started the "making money online" thing because my need for money, more to use my spare time sensible. I never wanted to waste my time. I always wanted to use my time as useful in my situation.
    Exactly two years ago I got in touch with the method I'm making money online today. It's not really a method, it's rather a way to make money online, but I won't really talk about what it is because it has not much to do with the other stuff on this forum.

    In these past 2 years, I tried many different methods in this specific way of making money. I spend, and lost (!) more than 5000? over these years. For some people, this won't be much, but for me, as a student these days, it was very much because it was also no money that I earned myself. My parents noticed it and told me to stop. In these times, I was very down because it didn't see any success. In these two years, I spent most of my time gathering information about this way to make money. I read articles, talked to different people, tried out different tactics. Barely I saw some successes, but that was just some little glimmer of hope. Although I didn't stop facing this way of making money, because ironically, deep inside of me, I knew that I would be successful with it some day. In this time, I've met many different people. I also made a new friend, with whom I talked a lot about this way. We were sure, that we had more information and knowledge about this way, then like 95% of the other people trying to make money from it. In the end, this friend was the key to a crucial site and strategy that is now my way to make money. While he quit this idea really fast, I grappled with this information a very long time. I already had this site and my ticket to success a year ago, but I also quit it, because on the first sight, it didn't look successful for me. But a year later, I still didn't give up and came back to this way. I knew that it was my dedication to be successful with it, because I spend 2 years to achieve this source. When I would have given up completely last year, I would have never been successful with it and all the time and money would have been a waste. That's why I never give up and worked hard for it. It took me 2 years, many time, frustration, money and caused different problems, but I didn't quit. Until 3 weeks ago, I knew, that I would be successful with it and I didn't quit till it happened. Now I'm sitting here, writing my own successful story, knowing that I made 1,6k ? profit in the last 3 Weeks, with the help of the information I got from my friend 1 year ago. He quit and wasn't successful with it. I did EVERYTHING, to make it happen for me and it worked..

    Though I'm just a simple person and don't want to specify myself in any way with this story, I wanted to share it. There are many people, also here in the forum, that may have a more successful story, and I, a just 20-year-old guy can't tell you anything and I won't, but I just have to say something: NEVER give up! My way dragged me down so many times and made me lose various things, but I knew that it was my determination.

    You have to find something, that will fit for you. You have to put all the energy into it to become successful with it. Gather information, raise your knowledge, be better than anybody else. Stop thinking about fast and easy money. You have to work hard for it and make sacrifices. There is always sunshine after the rain...

    Thanks for reading my little story, I just wanted to share it. I know that here are much more experienced guys, that may laugh about my story. But maybe, there are people that can get motivation out of it. I did it. And that's why you can do it too!
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    Even though it's not a method, thanks for the inspiration, hard work and perseverance always pays !
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    At least it isn't copy and paste shite - nice story!

    A lot of us have had to overcome personal hurdles and such, that's just a part of life.

    Actually prospering over said hurdles isn't as easy as the movies make it out to be!
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    Great way to get success following you. Never give up! Congrates on your success