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    The Upsidedown

    I was just going to drop this video on here and be on my way. I thought this might have the same effect on someone that it recently had on me. But I wanted to expand a little bit on what made me post.

    PRE WARNING: My grammar ain't the best.

    I'm just a guy. Just a regular ol' guy who has been unhappy with the way his life has been unwinding in front of him. I've been moderately successful in my chosen fields in the "real world" but I've never been HAPPY. I've been paying the bills, acquiring "things", and just doing my thing really without too much hardship, but I've never felt FULFILLED. I've been pretty lucky in that regard. And I understand that and am thankful even if I've sold bits and pieces of my soul for the situation I'm in.

    I've had a few childhood friends that have grown up to be life-coaches, motivational speakers and knowing them like I know them I know their intentions weren't the best. Which is fine I guess. But it left a bad taste in my mouth for anything with that smacked of that type of thing. I turned it "off" when I thought something like that was coming before I even gave it a chance to turn "on". If that makes any sense.

    Enter I.M.- I really didn't even know what I was looking for when I found this place. I didn't even register for almost a year. Then one day I was just reading thru some posts and WHAM it hit me. It was like the Matrix and I literally felt like I was drowning in information. But the one thought I had was it felt like HOME. It feels RIGHT. It resonates in me. The closest I could associate is that I've always played a lot of MMO's and I've always picked the most complicated techie healer/enchanter char where you're just overwhelmed with options but can pull off some amazing shit, when you know your shit. I would study it and study my class and it's abilities until it was just second nature. I would find the guys that were the absolute BEST in their classes and stalk them online. Posts, videos, blogs, builds, rotations, etc... I wanted to crack the code. And I did for whatever class I chose and put my mind to and thought outside of the box with. I raided with the big boys.

    This feels like that. But REAL.

    Reading the absolute wealth of information on this site is mind numbing. It's literally just amazing. I could go on and on about how fantastic it is that the real GURU'S the "Masters of their Classes" post and give so much information, so much help. They know who they are. I would list them but I know I would leave someone out and I'd feel like shit if I did. The fact that they give up the goods so we don't have to start at ground zero like some n00b in a MMO getting griefed is a gift. And I'm not sucking up or kissing ass or whatever the haters will think. For me, its been a life changing thing. And I thank them. And stalk them ;)

    Now that I went on and on more than I wanted to, the real reason for my post.


    Mine SUCKED. Still Sucks. Will always suck to a degree. But at least now I KNOW it sucks. And I know it can't if you wanna play this game. And I, probably you too, don't wanna play this game to suck, I/you wanna be l33t. You wanna raid with the big boys. So it's mindset on how far you're gonna go. How bad do you want that Prismatic in EQ1? (yes I'm old).

    Enter: Earl Nightingale "The Strangest Secret". I never knew of this guy. Like I said before I was "off". And I just recently found out about him. I listen to this everyday, several times a day. Take a few minutes, hell take the first minute and tell me if you can turn it off after.


    I do want to send one specific shout out to someone on here who really had a big impact in changing my whole mindset


    Reading his posts about the whole psychology of IM really really changed my view of everything in this game. I PM'd him once, of course I felt like a total tool, and he was cool enough to share some insight with me as well as a library of books to read. I hope you don't mind if I repost them because I think it would help someone as it helped me. Thanks

    therage's psychological warfare library

    Influence The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
    Mind Control Marketing by Mark Joyner
    Cashvertising Dre Eric Whitman
    Breakthrough Advertising Eugine M. Schwartz
    The Ultimate Sales Letter Dan S. Kennedy
    The Millionaire Fastline by MJ Demarco
    Art of War Sun Tzu

    Best of luck to you and your quest for the IM Prismatic!

    "Just a guy"
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    He who laughs last, laughs longest.
    That's a great video! It talks pretty much about what is now referred to the "Law of Attraction".

    Great post!
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    I'm currently working on my mindset. I've completed "Get healthy, happy and rich" by Randy Gage and started "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill.

    Law of attraction seems to be a working thing, but I've never put it into practice.

    All these procedures and steps upset me, I think I can change my mind by only changing my thoughts.
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    here are a couple of motivational books that i think are great.

    if you like this post, please add to OP's list of books.

    The power of positive thinking, norman vincent peal

    think and grow rich, napoleon hill