Mother!#@$$% Adsense CPA etc.

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    So I was thinking the place could use a jolt of joy so I thought I would try some stuff out on you. First let's talk CPA. I have an email offer that is just awesome. It is just a simple email and thousand page survey, and it pays $1.10.
    Even better the keyword for it is only $14 dollars a click, so should be raking it in on this offer. Even so, I just had to share zip submit of all time, 2 laptops. If the user completes the zip, fills out the information, sells their firstborn, swears allegiance Capital One, signs up for a credit card, orders some magazines, ship some dvds to their house, and promises to TIVO Glee while simultaneously filling out auto insurance quotes, they could WIN!

    But it is not all CPA. A lot of times I get asked if what the person is doing is against terms of service for Adsense. The answer is yes. Regardless of what you do you are violating terms of service. It says so in the TOS under "How we screw everybody regardless of what you do." Some of the violations include, a CTR or .01 or higher, as it draws a red flag. Getting actual clicks. Making actual $. Posting to your blog, linking to your blog. Just a warning.

    Some good news. A guy named Mike Filsiame emailed me and said that if I pay the measly amount of $197 dollars he will show me how to instantly flood my account with unstoppable flows of $. So I figure a bit of that and I don't need a regular job. I think the site is be a Check it out.

    Thinking about sending emails that say I was going to spam you with penis enlargement products but we can see you don't need it. Just to freak them out.

    Wondering if anyone is actually going to copy and paste the above link and check it out.

    For newbs, the magic button to make $ appear out of the ass of the computer is F5, so you can stop asking.

    Wondering if anybody is going to punch F5.

    As a matter of fact, I would be interested in buying Indian ptc traffic for my $100 Clickbank product. Thank you.

    Wondering when clickbots are going to get fed up and outsource too.

    Saw a great WSO on DP, something about using youtube to drive traffic, only $400 and swears it is a brand new method. Worth checking out.

    I heard a dude drove off the Louisiana coastline and straight into the Gulf. Apparently he wanted to fish and change his oil at the same time. Efficient.

    You been a great crowd.