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    "There has been a lot of talk about the decline of Apache?s dominance as a web server, with competition from IIS and other alternatives like Lighttpd, but Apache is still king of the hill when you look at the top 100 websites in the US.

    Web server software for the top 100 websites in the US:


    We here at Pingdom have noted a very wide range of web server software for the websites that we monitor uptime for. So, out of curiosity (once again) we decided to see what kind of web server software is in use by the most popular websites in the US.

    We collected this information by looking at the HTTP response headers for the top 100 websites (according to The HTTP response header will usually reveal what web server software the website is running on.
    Web server software by numbers

    Though Apache and IIS dominate (together they have at least 69% of the top 100 websites), Lighttpd and some of the other smaller web servers have started to carve themselves a niche. It?s also interesting to note that only one out of the top 100 websites is running the much-touted IIS 7, and that is

    Here is a detailed breakdown of the numbers we collected.
    Web server software for the top 100 websites (USA):

    Server Total
    Apache (unknown version) 31
    Apache 1.3.* 8
    Apache 2.0.* 5
    Apache Coyote 1.1 5
    Microsoft IIS 5.0 3
    Microsoft IIS 6.0 16
    Microsoft IIS 7.0 1
    Lighttpd 4
    LiteSpeed 2
    nginx 2
    Sun ONE Web Server 2
    Other 10
    Unknown 11

    Any web server software with less than two websites was placed in the ?other? category. Some HTTP response headers didn?t contain any information about the web server software and ended up in ?unknown? (11 out of 100).
    A couple of bonus factoids:

    The HTTP headers often contain a lot of interesting information. Here are some additional things we found out from the header information.

    * 66 out of the 100 websites reported support for gzip content encoding.
    * has this line in its response header: ?X-hacker: If you?re reading this, you should visit and apply to join the fun, mention this header.?


    Small disclaimer: It is possible for websites to report incorrect information about the web server software in the header. This can sometimes be done for security reasons."

    ^^^Thought this was awesome info^^^
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    imo apache is still better than the others, and as the top websites listed show it still dominates. :)
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    Well apache has been dominating for a long time. It's been out forever so a lot of people have it. It's like saying XP is better than SuSe because more people have it.

    I've only used Apache and lighthttpd (xbox server) out of those so I really can't say I can compare it to IIS.

    Anyone used IIS that can comment?
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    I use IIS (mostly because I program in .NET), but I like it. I have not really had any problems. I run Wordpress and had a link bid directory on it.

    Only downfall I have seen is no .htaccess file, so no easy redirection (especially for Wordpress)
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    apache for life!