Most important page of my site got removed by Google due to DMCA Complaint. Now what?

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    I have a site in flash game niche. It has two categories for two different anime series. I was ranking on #3 for the keyword "Anime1 Games"(1,35,000 Searches/M) and #2 for "Anime2 Games"(30,000 Searches/M) but today the "Anime1 Games" page of my site was removed from Google index due to DMCA complaint by the producers of Anime1. Actually, all the pages (11 domains) other than producer's own pages that used to rank on 1st page and 2 page have been removed from index due to the same DMCA complaint.

    I was hosting flash games from Cartoon Network, so, this may be a reason for the complaint but then, Cartoon Network should have complained (CN is not the producer)? And they should have complained about the pages that actually host the games (the page that they complained about only contains links to those). Am I wrong?
    Is there anything I can do about this DMCA Complaint? Will this complaint affect the rankings of other pages?

    I would greatly appreciate your help.