Most effective instagram actions (Following or Commenting?)

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    I recently just got started running about 23 insta accounts on igerslike, which all have 1 video from my main account posted and have me tagged in the caption (Main goal is to direct people to my main account). Here is my question- what do you find is the most effective action? I'm currently following people with the 23 accounts in hopes they will click on the account, click on the video, then click on my main account in the caption in follow. My thinking is that using them to comment something tagging me would be more effective as it would be less steps to lose people through. What has worked the best for you?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Best way is if you use the alt accounts to mass comment on pictures and you should mention your main account on each comment.
    A few examples-

    "Wow @USERNAME What do you think about this?!"
    "Damn! You and @USERNAME got something in common."
    You get it ;)
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