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    What's up guys..long time reader here..I do apologize if in the wrong section. I've been searching my life away and have not had any luck..I recently lost my home due to the bank financial mistake, they are not accounting for a lot of the payments (4 years) and most I have made but some I didn't make, is it possible to create a payment history of all payment? Or any ideas? Any help is appreciated, Thanks
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    You need all your bank details and transactions you gave the bank for your home payments.

    Your then need a accountant to cheek everything .

    Calculate late payments and missed payments.

    I dont really get how comes this inportant bill never got paid, you no you could of been homless , surly you was getting red letters , the first red letter should of rang bells surly?

    Banks dont just take homes away without notice .

    Even the bank go court to get the home entitlement , this all takes time .

    And you are notified.

    Surly you didnt just ignore it all, you needed a solicitor while all this was happening ?

    Becouse i guess you never got all your financials together , the bank used there own internal accountants to do all you finacial work on there own back , the conclusion was you havent been paying for your home,

    Know they would told you this in a letter

    If you ignored this letter then they apply to the court to get full home position.

    You get informed via letter

    In the mean time you was suppose to fight your case, you was suppose to show proper documents and proof of your home payments , even if you went to the bank and got the info ,at least you got somethink on paper, your also could provide working income ,and show bank transfers ,if self employed show your self assesment details ,and bills and proof of paying for your home.

    Banks dont need to lie , it your responcabilty to prove you paid the bank.

    I suspect the bank got pissed awaiting for you to come foward with proof of your payment slips for the home .

    They then gave you a number of days to leave the property ,and the bank put the home back on the home market ,to be sold.

    In most cases the home is sold via auction ,
    This is to speed the case up to calculate what the home sells for and how much you still own the bank.....

    You are then sent a letter to your new address to show how much you owe know the bank, or a letter to tell you the home was sold and it covered all costs of your Home bill.

    If money is still owed you go bankrupt or find a payment solution With the bank.

    All i no good luck...

    A home is one of the biggest investment in your life , any bills paid towards the bank for your home you should of made a copy and placed in a safe place , even if not copied kept safe , i dont understand how can anybody just missplace such massave payment receipts for a home , surly a safe or a drew deadcated for home bills is a must. And hopefully everybody has, how can we help you in this situation ill never no , except ask you to go and get all the paper work receipts from the safe or draw....

    If you didnt collect recepts and put them in a safe or draw ,you have made a massive mistake in life.

    You need to do the following.

    Go to your bank and ask for all the bank statements from the day you bought your home...

    Find any book or paper that you wrote down anythink relating to home payments.

    Get together all your work slips .

    If self employed ,get together all your self asseisment payment info .

    Get a staement from the bank what you owe and what you have payed, so far for your home.

    Know approach a accountant and let them try and see if the banks transfers tally with all your finacal documents.

    If the account see there no conflicts and the bank at fault , take a statement from the accountant and go to a solicitor with the accountants proof.

    If the account show you that you do owe the bank money ,or proves you didnt pay payments at times ,and it your fault , then your no where you went wrong.
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    I paid the payments and kept proof, the bank told me and are still telling me it is in my name and I don't live there, they called me and told me they were stopping the sale then when all my stuff got thrown on the lawn they threw all my paper work with it.
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    How did you pay for it? Check? Credit card?

    You should be able to login to an online account for whatever method and print out your statements. They will show that you paid.

    If you can't, call the financial institution you used to make your payments. Explain your situation and tell them what you need. They should be able to provide it for a fee.