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Samples, please.
Samples sent, Thanks!

please send samples
Samples sent, Thanks!
Interested In Sample,
Can You Provide The Sample Please?
Samples sent, Thanks!
Can you show me sample?
Samples sent, Thanks!
Send me samples & coupon code?
Samples sent, Thanks!
can i get some sample.
Samples sent, Thanks!


Marketplace Thread Approved

This guest posting service has been tested by the marketplace moderation team to ensure that it meets the standards for the marketplace. The service has been checked to ensure that it can deliver what it advertised in accordance to its TAT or in a timely manner if no TAT was provided.

Service Information

  • The metrics for the website I received in my report are more or less the same as what was advertised in the sales thread.
  • The link that was delivered was live.
  • We investigated the site delivered, and there was nothing to suggest it is a PBN site or owned by the seller in any way.
  • The content used in the service was readable
New order for smallest package

Made an order to test
Order placed.Thanks.
I received a discounted link in exchange for my review.

This was from Morgan's cheapest package, the DA 20+ one.

I actually think this is a pretty good link for the price.

DA: 26
DR: 11
RD: 1.4k
Traffic: 4.8k/month (according to Semrush, but a good bit of it is tier 2 traffic)

- This is definitely a real website.
- The website is 7 years old.
- The website has quite a bit of content on it.
- The website is pretty niche relevant and it makes sense that it would link to my website.
- The website is connected to the website owner's real social media and even a valid upwork account.
- The website is monetized as well.
- The content was decent. It makes sense and and is very readable.

I always like receiving links on websites that are monetized, because then you know that the website has an actual reason for existing and is more likely to stick around a while.

Overall a good service.Thanks a lot.
Placed an order for another link.Thanks.
I received another post from the 'M416' offering.

DR: 49
Traffic: 61k (20k is from USA)
RD: 1.2k
Website age: Almost 9 years

- This is a cool website.
- Good metrics.
- Ranks for real keywords.
- Has some authority links, such as lifehacker.
- It's very monetized, as it sells products and also has affiliate links, so it will probably be around for a while.
- The content for the guest post is good too.

I'm happy with the service.

Thank you Morgan.
I juste made order can't wait to see results.
Just made a payment to PayPal.
Last digits of payment: 33011V
Have you received my order?
Order placed
ordered, lets see how it goes.
Just ordered, thanks looking forward to the results.
Order made.Receipt number: 14U3...835A
Ordered one M24 - seller helped me pick out the ideal domain via skype - fast and friendly. Look forward to evaluating results. Ranked 26 at time of order. Transaction id x125X
Order placed 8WB07777W4959325Y
Just ordered, thanks looking forward to the results.
Looks good, just placed an order!
Test order placed, thanks.
Ordered this service a few times now, quality is always good and the turnaround time is consistent
Placed an test order.
Got a review copy from op;

OP was professional and responsive and delivered pretty quickly which is great.
I got 3 links from sites with solid matrics (TF DA and PA of anywhere between 20-40)
The content looks good, sites look good
Good service - recommended!

Thanks OP and good luck with your sales
Reporting back after my order, OP delivered some very nice articles on the niche I was targeting, and even did some modifications I asked from him, excellent work :)
OP gave me a good list of niche related sites to choose from, provided a good article, and got it live in a reasonable period! Good work!
Test order placed for a package. Thanks
order placed number order no ending 05734
New order for smallest package
Just placed an order for 3x DA40 and 7x DA50
Looking forward to see the links.
I ordered a review copy and he delivered on time and the links are high quality and well written from good DA sites.
Placed an order, hope to see good links

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