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    I'm currently setting up one Instagram group where members share their pictures and take part in sharing likes + comments with other members and I'd like to create more to improve their efficiency.

    The method is not new but is incredibly powerful if done right

    The group will be available just for low fashion account in the beggining, the other groups i have with higher numbers are full now.

    Requirements to Join :

    • Fashion account or Womens related
    • Between 3 and 10 k no more - no less
    • Must have Skype

    There will be a limit of 15 people per group, but especially active people will be included in multiple groups if space is available.

    What do you have to do in the group?

    Every time you post a picture, you're allowed to share it with the group or simply write a message saying "Posted" and everyone within the group shall like & (preferably) comment your recent upload. This means that every time you happen to be online and you see that somebody of your group notified the members that he posted a picture you will have to like & (preferably) comment his picture as well.

    Obviously, it will only work if everyone in the group will be loyal and active.
    And it's understandable that Any passive members or leechers will be ignored and won't be included in any other groups!

    We will do S4S if you want but it is not obligatory !!!

    What do you have to do in order to join?

    Send me a PM here on the forum with your IG username/s and your skype id and you will be added to the groups accordingly. Also, write a reply in this thread that you've sent me a PM to notify me faster and to keep this thread alive.

    If you dont meet the requirments you will not be added !

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