more efficient way to find blogs using scrapebox?

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    I'm having trouble finding enough blogs to comment on - I was not able to generate a list with lets say 40k blogs (unique domains) or more like other users did. In fact my lists are WAY smaller.
    Funny thing is, today I scraped 1mio URL's just to remove all but 5000 due to duplicate domains... :(
    I must be doing something wrong, can someone throw me a bone please?

    I guess it has to do with the keywords I use. First I used a keyword list with 26k related keywords, of course I was getting related blog entries from the same blogs.
    Then I thought ok lets try to scrape a lot of niches with one harvesting session. So I typed in a few niche names, scraped more keywords with the keyword scraper, did another run - same result, probably because the keyword list was sorted from a-z, meaning scrapebox goes through related keywords until it hits the 1mio before getting through all niches. I searched for a tool that randomizes the Keyword sorting... but didn't find anything yet. :/ Oh yes, and I did use a custom footprint(this time):
    "powered by wordpress" OR "Powered by MovableType" OR "?Powered by BlogEngine" OR "powered by b2evolution"

    So... any suggestions, tips, ...? Would be greatly appreciated!