Money making method maybe??

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by nahid5692001, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Well i dont know if this works but if it does then it can be used here and there to make some money.

    It has to do with CJ or any other affiliate but i will explain it through CJ.

    It would consist of using another IP address to sign up for a HostGator account that is 1 cent hosting, but CJ pays $100 per sale. So you will pay 1 cent and get 100 out of it. Now CJ locks commisions on the 10th of each month. Most likely HostGator will lock the service. After it is out of the lock you can cancel your hostgator account and keep all the benefits from CJ.

    You will have to probably pay 1 months HostGator fees which is measly compared to the profit. Maybe this method works? Im not sure I have not tried it, just giving another idea to people to do it.

    let me know