money making deluxe essential tools ( noobie guide )

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    ok this is what you need to make money in a quite easy way.

    • vmware
    • windows install
    • gmaker ( can be found here in forums )
    • interspire email marketer ( hosting account as well )
    • cpa networks
    • proxy switcher
    • firefox
    • thunderbird
    • php code for ref blanker, not essential
    • some method ( own twist )
    yeah that should be all you need.. and some time of course. it's just the basics but those which are powerful to start with.

    ok do the following steps

    1. install vmware and setup your basic machine with xp, vista or whatever you want to use.
    2. after sucessfully installing it, back up the complete fresh OS version to have a recovery system if anything is messed up with cracks or whatever.
    3. install firefox , thunderbird and proxy switcher and get your gmaker executable somewhere where you can find it.
    4. set up proxy switcher search for lists, test the proxies and set up your firefox to be able to use it in junction of proxy switcher.
    5. use gmaker to create at least 10 gmail accounts for each "method" you are about to post on classifiedwebsites like craigslist
    6. save the created accounts in a file ( basically use all same password which is fast to write but not easy to guess )
    7. go activate a working proxy, go to craigslist and post your method with one of the email adresses, you dont need to register your account, just go to a city you are about to post ( major , big city ) after posting it, get your email link, open thunderbird with your configured email accounts ( which can all run on forward to one if you want ) and activate your mail, for every post you just switch the proxy and close firefox, set up that firefox deletes cookies and stuff after closing, open it again, use your bookmarks to access to various cities in craigslist again and post several other with diffrent email
    8. hours or days to millions of replies.
    9. use interspire email marketer to reply to all your craiglist replies with your continue of your method to get them fill out the cpa offers
    10. for each method, use an own emailing list. use tips of interspire to get your mails into the inbox
    and see money rolling into the account,

    that should be a quite good start for noobies. except of the point of how to get cpa approval. but for this, forum search function.
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    Thanks alot for this great guide!
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    Not bad, with this info, and anyone of the many methods found here on the forum can get ya started. I'd recommend once you start making some many BH, use some of that as seed money to start a WH approach. Once you have money you can start bringing in a steady stream more. That old addage it takes money to make money...