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    I love to read those money letters. :) Authors getting industrious day by day. Have you got something similar to share?

    Miss Estelle Kouassi
    Villa 99 Lot 202,Deux 
    Plateau District,Abidjan
    Cote D'Ivoire.
    My name is Miss Estelle Kouassi (21yrs)  am  living in Cote
    D' Ivoire,West Africa,an only child and an orphan, it is  true
    that we do not know each other in person but knowing
    someone starts in a day therefore It pleases me to contact
    you for a Financial  business partnership, Although we have
    never met, but I decided to  entrust you with this business.
    My  late father was a successful businessman and a cocoa
    merchant, he was  out of envy poisoned to death by his
    close business associate, before  his death he deposited the
    sum of eighteen million USD ($ 18,000,000.00)  in a top
    security company here in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire . The security
    company does not know that the metal box deposited by my
    late father is  containing money.
    Therefore  I will want you to  help me to retrieve this box
    transfer the money to your personal  account. Finally help me
    to come over to your country and also help me  in investing
    the money,I will like to invest in any of these areas.
    2) Transportation Industry 
    3) five-star Hotel
    4) Estate management. 
    Iam  offering  you 20% of the total money as your compensation
    as soon as the transaction is concluded. I await your response
    as soon as possible to  enable me give you full details and please
    in your reply do include  these information for me:
    1.Your Full names 2.Your resident address 3.Your Telephone
    Number 4.Your Occupation.
    Once  i receive the above information, I will give you the contact
    of the  security company as well as the certificate of deposit to
    the said  deposit with which you will prove to the security
    company that you are  the beneficiary of the deposit.
    May the Lord bless you.
    Miss Estelle Kouassi.
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    This is not Money Letter, it is a known old SCAM called 491 scam or Nigerian scam! search google about it.. the main idea is to try and get money from you paying just a "little fee" in exhange of big money they will "give away" only for you...