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Dec 29, 2010
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Hello All!! I have a question and hopefully I will get a few answers, I have about 17 Domains, and I would like to start making money from them, right now I only have a couple of hours a week to do much work on them, could any one give me an idea of how to start monetizing these sites?

Also because of the State of the economy, I do not have a pile of money to spend, so I want to do this on the cheap, I more than likely could write an article or two each day, I was thinking of Clickbank or Commission Junction, the domains have been purchased when I had lots more free time on my hands, Could any help here, I was thinking of doing a split of any monies made if any would do this for a split.

Please pm as I do not have the post to PM anyone here??
What niches are your domains in?

"Also because of the State of the economy" - stop thinking like that, this is a time of great opportunity.
I have domains ranging from Healing, MLM, Affiliate Marketing. Wealth Building, money making tips form home and review sites.
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