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    I've set up a reasonably nice looking blog style site with the aim to just advertise different CPA offers. I covered the sides with banners from an array of different places such as etc and the posts that I made were (fabricated) reviews of products from click bank and of other affiliate sites. My goal is to make a review site for adult products/sites/e-books etc. So I got my site up and bought 1k hits off an adult traffic selling site but I didn't get one useful click on my website.

    So i'm stuck with these problems:
    - Trying to source good traffic (either from buying it or searches but I do have pretty limited money to invest in this at this stage so just throwing useless traffic at my site isn't really the best option at this stage)
    - I don't know if my website is even indexed (I have tried a few different things that i've found on BHW but i'm pretty new to it, keywords and meta tags confuse me at this stage)
    - I would like to get my site to a stage where there is a natural flow of traffic in.
    - Finally I need to get the site to a stage where it entices visitors to click on the offers

    I would really appreciate a few tips on these matters posted here but it would be perfect if there was an SEO guru who wouldn't mind taking 10 minutes out to send me a PM and personally check over my site.

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