Monetizing Mega Exchange[Every Type Of Exchange][Installs,PPC,PPD,CPA,Social Sites]

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    We are
    Palringo Based

    Basic Guidelines
    ✓-No Spamming On Palringo Group.

    We're Looking For These People!
    ✓Can cooperate with the community
    ✓Feel free to voice your suggestions!

    What You Can Exchange
    ✓Adsense Advertisements
    ✓Bidtraffic Advertisements
    ✓Clicksor,Bidvertiser And Every Other PPC
    ✓Impressions On Your Website
    ✓CPA Lead
    ✓Lead Bolt
    ✓Adscend Media
    ✓Facebook Likes
    ✓Google +1
    ✓Youtube Subs/Likes And Related Comments
    ✓My Likes Click Exchange
    ✓Backlinks Exchange [Reciprocal Links]Google For More Information
    ✓Installs Exchange

    Wondering How To Benifit From Exchanging Status

    ✓Get Traffic On Your Website To Reduce Your CTR
    ✓Get Facebook Likes To Increase Your Sales Or Boost Your Website
    ✓Get Shitcash And File-Ice Downloads To Earn 0.40-1$ Per Download
    ✓Cpa Lead,LeadBolt And Adscend Media Surveys Done Which Gives You A Average Of 1$
    ✓Increase Your Youtube Search Engine Rankings with alot of comments/Subs and Likes
    ✓With Google +1 You Can Improve Your Google Search Engine Rankings[Proved]
    ✓With Tweets You Can Again Spread Your Website
    ✓And Much More Possiblities Are Endless

    Awesome thing right? How do I join?
    follow the steps below

    Download Palringo[Search On Google]
    Join The Group "mega exchange"
    Change Your Status To The Things You Are Exchanging For Eg [YT/Adsense/G+]
    Q)There will be small number of people for every type of exchange
    A)Don't Worry I Will Be Getting People From Every Forum
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    can i join your group...???please reply me