Monetizing a Skyrim blog? And some noob SEO questions

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by BobDobalina, Apr 17, 2012.

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    I'm new to SEO and tried a few niches, the first one I started with was Skyrim Mods. I've tried a few more since then like Research Chemicals, Auto Repairs, The Dark Knight Rises, and cracked software. The Skyrim Mods site has always been my main focus though and that's the only one I went and purchased a .com for.

    If you want to check it out to give me tips, the blog is at eldermods(dot)com

    It's been up for a few weeks, and I'm starting to see some google searches trickle in. I'm not really making anything from the site though. Currently, I'm using AdSense with the wordpress plugin to slap ads on the sidebar and in posts. I get maybe 500 or so impressions per day but usually zero clicks. I also signed up for a CPA network (MaxBounty). I tried two campaigns with them. First is a free xbox 360, which got a total of a few hundred clicks and no signups. Then I switched to an adult friend finder signup campaign. I have a Forever Alone guy in the sidebar with "Meet Local Singles" above him. Again, plenty of clicks, no signups. Is that normal and I just need more traffic or is there something better I can be doing to monetize?

    Also, I found out after I did the following that adult content can hurt your page rank and position on the google search. Anyway, I wasn't getting traffic so I said fuck it and made a post about Skyrim Nude Mods. Now the top google search keyword getting me traffic is Skyrim Nude Mods, and I get lots of traffic from forums by linking the post. However none of the other content (DLC updates, non-adult mods, skyrim news etc) seem to be getting any views. Did I screw myself by putting the word "nude" on my site?

    Thanks in advance for any help