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Monetization disabled without copyright strikes!

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by identity1104, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. identity1104

    identity1104 Newbie

    Jan 2, 2014
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    Hey guys..

    So I was starting to make some decent money a few months ago, using only youtube and adsense and completely white hat methods.. the videos I was used to post were tv shows which had no commercial copyright claims on youtube (there is tons of, especially non-English shows).. So things were picking up pretty well, and I had twenty something youtube channels in order not to have all of my eggs in one basket.. But suddenly: Baam! Monetization was disabled in every single channel! I realized later that was probably because of an old channel that had copyright strikes and then was terminated altogether, and that channel was connected to the same adsense account, and I knew that youtube was enforcing a rule stating that if you have one channel with monetization disabled in it, all other channels connected to the same adsense account may have monetization disabled as well..

    I tried disconnecting my adsense from all youtube accounts, then starting a new youtube channel, but that did not work.. New channels had monetization disabled in a week without having any copyright or community guidlines warnings..

    So far it`s simple: Adsense account connected to a bad youtube account made it impossible to monetize any youtube account connected to that adsense, right?
    Well here it gets more interesting..

    On another computer I started new youtube channels using the same old videos, then connected them to another adsense account (legit account as it belonged to a diff person actually).. I didn`t change the ip though as I used the same router.. Things went well for a week, then another Baam! Monetization disabled for every single youtube channel connected to that new adsense account, without as much as a copyright strike! (there was a few third party notices and that was all)! I don`t know why that happened! Both adsense accounts are in good shape and have no violation notices, so it can`t be that google was angry I was using two adsense accounts..

    Please help guys with that.. I was starting to make some bucks auto pilot, and I wish to do that again.. Any piece of advice appreciated..