I am interested for FB for BH ads

Want to know will you set up the campaign for us?

What if the campaign is suspended in between ads then ?
Do you want us to help you set up your campaign? We have a 24/7 support team. Our guys can help you set up your campaign and test your campaign to ensure it works 24/7. Please message me via telegram https://t.me/Mondagencymarketing I will check your campaign content and give you advice to make your campaign better.
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Our clients advertise gambling and crypto products very smoothly after using the services of Mond Agency Marketing
Welcome to Mond Agency Marketing
Quality Facebook advertising account rental service for only 9% at the start - always reserve a stable number of >500 verified business accounts. and long-standing accounts with spending history (Accept BH, WH, GH: Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Applications, NFTs, Finance, weight loss, cosmetics...), Maximum support Optimize campaigns for customers - 24/7 support.

I) About our services
- Strong and stable advertising account - bringing optimization, quality, and optimization to customers.
- Daily spending limit of advertising accounts from 250$ -1500$- unlimited (the amount is always stable)
- Stable payment card
- Use healthy profiles and pages (Support name change)
- Provide quality pixels (stable quantity)
- Operating platforms: Adspower, VPS,..... (proxy quality: healthy, fast)
- Clean address proxy helps the account operate stably and long term
- Cloaked links provided for free
- 24/7 technical consulting support.

II) Service charge
- Spending <1000$/day: 9% fee
- Spending 1000-3000$/day: 8% fee
- Spending 3000$-5000$/day: 7% fee
- Spending 5000$/day: negotiation fee

III) Payment methods
- BTC : 1LaqgTzQgydacs9ZJZnyjMZsCF2ThNNLuc

IV) Contact
- Telegram: https://t.me/Mondagencymarketing
- Telegram: https://t.me/Sale_Mond_Marketing_agency
- Skyper: https://join.skype.com/invite/pPRMNcKKWtVX

V) Webpage
Check out the information on the web to know more about Mond Agency Marketing's services : https://mondagency.com/
VI) Refund policy
Customers who use and experience Mond Agency Marketing's services want a refund, the agency guarantees to refund the customer within 24 hours of the customer's notification (except Sundays and holidays, which will be delayed by 2 days).
VII ) Attention customers
We provide reputable and quality services, but to avoid customers being scammed or impersonated, please contact me via PM BHW to check safety before using the service.
I am interested in your product. but can the fee % be reduced for me
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