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Model Method - OFFLINE

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Asterixpro, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Asterixpro

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    Jan 9, 2009
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    STEP 1: find some hot looking college chicks, tell them you have a friend who works in advertising and is looking for college girls for a guerrilla marketing campaign. and that it pays $110- $200 for the day.

    STEP 2: Tell the girls they will be promoting a free party in honor of the BHW foundation a free group of trendsetters that organize cool parties for free. sent some tickets to be made at a printing shop in my neighborhood, give away the tickets for a donation of $16, get the guy into a mailing list to send more info. I told the girl there might be a really good DJ that day but you didn't hear it from me wink. TELL THE GIRL TO SAY HER NAME AND TELL HIM/HER SHE IS THE ONE THAT WILL MAIL THEM.

    STEP 3: after 3 days of this, check your free affiliate offer stats and use the donation money to pay the models and make some profit, The real money comes from the list, you tell the girls just to save the names and e-mails in two lists, cool/crap people, when you get a list of at least 300 "cool people" approach local clubs, bars and restaurants and explain you have a big list of targeted cool people, and you want to see if they would like to join the places you will be sending this people. Tell them they only have to pay if they show up and only $1 since it is the first time. You want to make a small introductory event on a really slow business day for one of the venues.

    STEP 4: mail your list telling them "Hi! this is Britney! the event is canceled but to make it up to them, the XXX foundation will host a free or $2 event at that venue.Get a DJ that just wants exposure. As soon as the promoter sees the value of your list, He will pay you more per person next time. try getting him on a monthly pay.

    STEP 5: mail the crap people with your free affiliate offers and tell them the party was canceled due to provider problems.


    I'm still growing my list but I've been able to pull $160 profit per chick and a deal with one bar and one club. The affiliate offers to the crap people have not left much but still something, later on I plan to send them more free offers.
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