mocospace bot or a way with imacro to post in chat rooms.

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    May 29, 2013
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    I need a way to post in a chatroom on mocospace, imacro isnt working due to the refresh button only changing when you actually type.
    The only thing that works is a old RuneScape auto talked I had, but obv I want something that I can set and forget and go on with my other tasks, though that program doesn't allow me to do that, and freezes in any VM I make.

    Its only one chatroom and I'm sure thats there's either a script or bot around for it, the links I found on the forum here are expired.

    If anyone could help me itd be great.
    Dont bug me for my grammar, ive been awake for atleast 35 hours and counting right now.

    thanks in advance!