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    Im looking for a bit of help with mobile redirects.

    I have a couple of providers that "take" my mobile traffic and sell it. The issue is I am not making the most of this because at the moment I just use one of the providers (alternate per website as I was testing them). What I want to do is this:

    1. Send traffic to provider 1 providing a return URL.
    2. Hopefully they sell the traffic but if they don't they will send it back to the return URL.
    3. Send the traffic to the second provider and hope they can sell it.

    I was thinking, and correct me if I am wrong, all I need to do would be to setup a simple HTML page with the second providers code and provide that address to the first provider as the return url ?

    Would this work ?

    I am finding that both the providers are selling roughly 50% of the traffic I am sending them and I am hoping by trying one then the other I might get close to all 100% of my mobile traffic sold.
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    The procedure looks ok to me.
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