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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by virtualgeorge, Mar 23, 2012.

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    So I see a lot of people asking about converting their site to an app.
    I have done this just using the templates in Dreamweaver CS5.5 and created a site by copying my content into a mobile template and converted it to an app that worked on an Android. Not too hard to do.

    So first, what if you don't have a Mac, how can I also create an app for the IOS for the Iphone / Ipad?

    Next, if you are turning your site into an app, the client thinks this is cool because they now have their company icon on their phone's screen that starts up their website.

    But if it is an app, does this mean you have to re-create & convert to an app & re-install each time the website is updated??

    If so I suppose it would just be better(if possible) to create an app that is just a bookmark that takes you to the mobile version of their site. It would still look the same as an app and I don't think most of my clients would know the difference.

    So I have been playing with WPTouch, figure if I can just use that on a wordpress site I will have my mobile version and no need to update 2 separate sites.

    But I have noticed that some of my themes I use that have custom shortcodes for columns or boxes or buttons that I use don't seem to work in the WP version of the site, it displays the shortcode. So I assume that maybe you would have to make a separate version of those pages and specify in WPTouch to serve up those pages instead or what is the easiest way?

    What are these sites doing that charge you a monthly fee for a mobile version and seem to reformat your pages & resize your images and I think some even work with flash?

    Prob a lot of ways to do all this so would like to know some others opinions...

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    Hey! Check out Adobe Air. I came across it a while back, though I am yet to find the time to use it.