Mobile Friendly Sites Conversion Techniques.

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    So I have a few sites that weren't mobile friendly, I been resistant in converting them, because I thought it will take forever and a day.

    So last weekend, I converted them, just took a few hours. I couldn't believe it. Since I code in .NET with Master Pages. I just made a mobile master page and swapped out master page to the mobile when a mobile device was detected. So simple, just kicking myself for not doing that a year ago.

    Anyway, while using the mobile friendly tester from google, I notice that my site always had blocked content, this is because "Google" blocked their ads with a "robots.txt" disallow rule.

    Now, the reason I think they did this was because they didn't want to penalize mobile sites that displayed their large ads. So they wouldn't get the "Content Doesn't Fit Warning" and didn't want to lose ad revenue.

    So I was converting my last site to mobile friendly and I had some large ads on this site, that I served myself. Then I thought, him let me apply google's technique, so I put those ads in a folder and I blocked them from being crawled. Then my site showed up as "Mobile Friendly" in the test.

    I feel like I'm bending the rules a little doing this, but that's what google does. What's good for the goose is good for the gander right? Follow by example right?