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Mistakes , you should avoid while giving your work to a freelancer/seo-agency

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoguy99, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. seoguy99

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    Nov 6, 2010
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    First of all,this post is not for those ,who are so called "SEO
    EXPERTS" .
    My only intention is to help some of you , who waste some
    of their money while placing an order to any freelancer .

    Url organization -

    If you search any keyword and look at the search results then you will
    see result urls written like in this manner--->www.domain.com/ OR
    domain.com/ but when you click on any of them -->
    hxxp://www.domain.com/ OR hxxp://domain.com/ appears .
    Actually when this internet generation began, at that time it was a
    tradition to have www. before of a domain name and having http:// was
    compulsory because if there was not http:// then the url would not be
    visible in web browser...
    Later people became stylish and some of them stopped using "www."
    after "http://"

    So the conclusion is - having http:// in a url is compulsory . Having
    www. after of http:// is not compulsory .

    Something About Page Rank -
    Check page rank of a domain with having "www." in domain url . Also
    check its PR , not having "www."
    I mean , if you own a domain --> "hxxp://www.domain.com/" and it has
    pr 3 then also check pr of just "hxxp://domain.com" [www.replaced
    In some of the cases you will observe that, there is a difference in PR .

    Why is it so???

    If you domain url is "hxxp://domain.com/" and if you make links for
    "hxxp://www.domain.com/" then you are wasting your labour a bit [though
    i am not sure about this line, just I'm guessing about which i am 99 %
    sure ]

    Some of the major mistakes most of the clients do ,while placing an
    order and what you should avoid while placing an order -

    Mistake 1 to avoid -
    Being a seo services provider, i have seen many client , those give
    url of them like this --> www.domain.com
    No , never do this .
    Open your site url in browser and whatever the link comes, make sure
    you are giving only that url to the freelancer/seo-agency .

    If you open your site in web browser and the url is -
    hxxp://domain.com , then always give this url only to freelancers for
    your link building work .NOT hxxp://www.domain.com/ [ remember that pr
    thing written above? ok [​IMG] ]
    Mistake 2 to avoid -
    Many people just give --> www.domain or domain.com while ordering and
    dont append "http:// before of their url.
    Its a very very wrong thing .
    Do 1 thing , go on InsaneJournal.com or on any other web2.0 blog site
    and create a blog post .
    While hyperlinking the keyword , give url only "www.domain.com" or "domain.com"
    Publish the post and you will see that the hyperlinked url has turned
    in to this --> hxxp://blurty.com/your_user_name_on_Blurty/www.domain.com

    Solution for both the above mistakes -

    Simple , open your site url in web browser and whatever the link
    comes, give that only to the seo service provider [​IMG]

    Mistake 3 -
    Never say a seo service provider to have 2 links of your 1 site in a
    single post because big g will count first only .
    Let me explain this more using an example -
    If your site is --> "hxxp://www.domain.com"
    and you have ordered some1 to make a hubpages post for you , then do
    not say him to give 2 links to your site in that post .
    If you give 2 links to your site from a single url then only first url
    will be counted .
    If you have given first link to your "hxxp://www.WebsiteFirst.com" and
    second link to your "hxxp://www.WebsiteSecond.com" then both links
    will be counted in eyes of big g . But if you give 2 links to
    "hxxp://www.WebsiteFirst.com/" and another link to
    "hxxp://www.WebsiteFirst.com/inner_page_url/" then only first url will
    be counted...
    Am i clear with my words ?

    Also tell the service provider to not use image and video from your
    website , because if he use the image url from your website and your
    website link also in that single post,and if he placed the image first
    and your url letter then big g will count image only .
    So the conclusion for avoiding this mistake is -
    Never say a service provider to give more than 1 link to your site in
    a single post made on a site... [ this point written on MarketSamurai
    and SeoMoz blog ]

    Mistake 4 -
    Never order a service again for the same keyword and url .

    Let's discuss this using an example .
    Suppose that you have a website "hxxp://www.laser.com/"
    and you are trying to rank for 2 keywords -->
    laser --> for url --> hxxp://www.laser.com
    laser machine --> for url --> hxxp://www.laser.com/laser-machine/

    then having 1 hubapges post for keyword "LASER" is good but having
    more than 1 does not make sense at all .
    Suppose that you got a link from hubpages for keyword "laser" then big
    g will give you 10 marks then having 2nd post from hubpages for the same keyword and url would not give you 10 marks
    again. For the second post you will get marks like 1 or even less.
    Third link will give you 0.05 points... [ taking help of these points to explain,not real point count data]

    BUT you should make a hubpages for the keyword --> laser machine -->
    for the url ----> hxxp://www.laser.com/laser-machine/

    it is valuable [​IMG]

    You should try getting links from a keyword from as many domains, as
    many you can . But trying to get 10 links from a single domain is not
    worth spending money .

    If you are one of those , who is going to write here "How the fuck you
    are writing those things? did big g called you and tell you"
    then the answer is - Some of the points are taken from seomoz and
    marketsamurai blog . Also they are tested many times by me .
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  2. kappa84

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    May 19, 2010
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    Bath, UK
  3. seoguy99

    seoguy99 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 6, 2010
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    may be , but thats on market samurai blog.i just shared it :D clearly mentioned there .
  4. davids355

    davids355 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Apr 25, 2011
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    How about if you redirect non-www to www then it doesn't matter:)
  5. seoguy99

    seoguy99 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 6, 2010
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    with all websites its true but why doing that when you can build direct links for main site url :D
  6. Bross

    Bross Senior Member

    Feb 6, 2010
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    It's BS and Market Samurai is Double BBSS. I can't believe people use that junk; It's like posting on DP looking for professional advise.