Minna san konnichiwa

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    and that means Hello Everyone :) I am not a Japanese, its just that I love Japanese language. Anyways, I am new here which is obvious Lol I am not here to learn the black hat hacking or something. The only reason for why I am here is - I already make around some dollars per month through writing articles and also participating in online referral contest, article writing contests, etc. I need some other ways through which I can consistently earn 10 dollar per day (that is 300$ per month). :)

    Some of the new areas I am venturing into are Associated Content and Commission Junction. I would like to learn the methods to earn some decent amount out of the Affiliate Programs (not the Pay per sale but Pay per lead. I am poor in making sales online or offline for that matter Lol I however can get people to sign up under me or download stuffs etc which is what I understand as Pay per lead). :cool:

    So, I will be around to learn and ask questions about the ways to make money online. If there is something that I hate, it sure must be the GPT sites Lol Especialy the PTC sites... GOD I hate them :D

    Take care till then! Laters.
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    Welcome to the family!

    I'm sure you will find your way around here and to make a consistent 10$ a day :)