Mini SEO optimized landing/portal sites needed

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    - create simple website 1-10 pages about a niche subject /keyword
    - highly SEO optimized
    - text can be acquired from other sources translated and corrected, making it unique
    - you can use a template for layout
    - different European languages, can help with some.
    You can subcontract other translators
    - for each language i want 10 different website
    - website needs 1 new page every week
    - i got domains older then 3 years with keywords in title
    - after creation of website you need to create backlinks, 60% of website from the language
    - each week another 100 new backlinks (if needed to get higher in Google)

    - i want offers for 1 website,
    - and offer for 1 page that is added every week and the 100 backlinks, or less with high PR

    While doing this project, i will give you inputin begining, but then you have to work independent as possible.

    This is a ongoing project if i'm satisfied with you.