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    I wanted to share this with you guys, this is a excerpt from ?The Secret? about changing the things you want in life. You attract everything that you bring in your life, like a magnet. There?s no stopping it. It?s? The Laws of Attraction!


    Money is magnetic energy. You are a magnet attracting to you all things, via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings.

    To become a powerful money magnet:

    Be clear about the amount of money you want to receive. State it and intend it! Don?t think about how much you can earn, but how much you want to receive.

    Fall in love with money. Most people do not love money, because they always feel that they don?t have enough of it.

    Visualize and imagine yourself spending all the money you want, as though you have it already.

    Speak, act, and think from the mindset of being wealthy now. Eliminate thoughts and words of lack such as ?I can?t afford it?, ?It is too expensive?.

    Do not speak or think of the lack of money for a single second.

    Be grateful for the money you have. Appreciate it as you touch it.

    Make lists of all the things you will buy with an abundance of money.

    Do whatever it takes for you to feel wealthy.

    Affirm to yourself every day that you have an abundance of money, and that it comes to you effortlessly.

    Appreciate all the riches around you, including the riches of others. Look for wealth wherever you go, and appreciate it.

    Be certain that money is coming to you.

    Love yourself and know that you are deserving and worthy of an abundance of money.

    Remind yourself everyday that you are a money magnet, and ask yourself often during the day, am I attracting money now or pushing it away with my thoughts?

    Always, always pay yourself first from your wage, then pay your creditors. In that single act, you are telling the Universe that you are worthy and deserving of more.

    Repeat over and over every day, ?I am a money magnet and money comes to me effortlessly and easily.?

    Write out a check to yourself for the sum of money you would like to have and carry it in your wallet. Look at it often.

    Do whatever it takes to feel good. The emotions of joy and happiness are powerful money magnets. Be happy now!

    Love yourself!

    Wealth is a mindset. Money is literally attracted to you or repelled from you. It?s all about how you think.

    Best Wishes,

    Paul Della Penna
    aka. Paulydp
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    read those law of attraction books and dvd. but you need to put a lot of focus and mindset on it to work. good share.
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    Is this comes under blogging ? Good one but wrong section i guess!