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    Hi guys,

    Here in my country all men have to serve 6-12 months in the military, basic training etc., and soon it might be my turn if I can't get a pass because of my various health issues.

    Anyway, I recently started a news aggregator/blog website that has been getting a lot of unique's lately, and I don't want it to completely die down when I'm doing my time.

    As I haven't found any autosubmitting method that satisfies me, I would POSSIBLY be needing a blogger to keep the site running for 6-12 months. This is what would be required:

    - Copy+paste a few paragraphs of interesting articles on specific subjects from specific websites.
    - Modify the title of the articles to something more appealing, or at least different
    - Digg, Mixx and Reddit verification on OnlyWire.
    - 2 posts per weekday (mon, tue, wed, thu, fri), 1 post on saturday and sunday

    Most things on the site are automated, the articles aren't original and should be only a few paragraphs of the originals to avoid copyright infringement, and the verifications don't take that long, so maybe 2-5 min work per post.

    I know it's not much, but I don't think I can afford much more right now. Unless the ad revenue takes off, currently there's no ads on the site.

    I get the verdict on the 26th of this month.

    Place your bids here, the lowest wins, if I have to go to bootcamp!
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    The Frozen Wasteland a.k.a "Canada"
    what country do you live in?