Microsoft Poland - spot the difference?


Feb 25, 2009
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Microsoft Poland

Pretty disgraceful.
Haha great find.

Gotta target the demographic folks.
Please get this up on digg :)
In my country there are no blacks or asians. So it would be weird for a company in my country to show anyone other than whites. Lots of people haven't even seen a black person through anything other than internet/television.

I don't know about Poland though.
What the hell haha. I thought MS would be able to afford a better photoshopper or stock photo.
Wow, the hand color even stays black. haha they did a shit job on the heading text also.

I would fire that Graphics Artist a.s.a.p.
The web design isn't all that bad.

They just got lazy and used the same template for all languages.

Check out the BBC link above, that still works, made me laugh :p
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