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    this is a two minute review of OFFICELIVE web hosting program in case anyone wanted to try it. Microsoft offers a free basic web site hosting called Microsoft Office Live Basics account, but it has several plans. I decided to try it in and put a site on it. I personally found it too constricting, you are stuck in microsoftland. the general layouts were stone cold ugly, although you can now add your own html, (i cant remember if you have that from the beginning or not.) You can put up videos like youtube and also adsense, or the maybe the microsoft version of adsense, i forget. of course. but trying to put up anything else more complicated. i dont think you can add forums, and other sophisticated scripts.
    there is a site i forget the addy that showcases a lot of these officelive sites, and if you take a good look at them, most look very dated style-wise, like something from 5 or 6 years ago, or at lease thats the way they look to me.
    I never chose the paid options, although looking at there was/is not much choice there either. they do offer a store plan where you can set up up to 10,000 items including ebay. this is free the first month, 14.95/month the first year 39.95/mo after. i'll pass on that.

    i have a terrible habit of falling in love with my domains and wanting to plan eloborate sites on them. the basic plan gives you a free domain, and even though i tried to think of a domain name i wouldnt get to attached to, i created a name i fell in love with again. now the site i want to make around it is to complicated for a basic site. this officelive is probably solid for folks who are putting their stakes on just one business online, or putting their brick/mortar biz online and just need a few static pages with links, shopping cart and a little media.

    the read deal breaker, the thing that drives me stark-raving, knee poping, P*ssed off if the dam* control panel! one minute you are at the control panel working on your pages, the next thing you are somewhere in microsoftland and have to log back in. just yesterday i had to log back in to get back to the control panel TWICE after my initial log in. the dumbest, most manipulative panel i have ever come across. anyway, never thought i would give up anything free, but i decided to cancel my account.

    well, its been closer to a half hour! eh eh.. so will stop here. good luck to all.
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    wow, sounds like fun! So, stay away from office live? 10-4!