MicroMoney And Autoblogs. Your input would be appreciated!

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by johnnyFIVE, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Hey Guys. Hope all is doing well with everyone,

    So, Today Ive set up my first autoblog. Yay. Its extremely simple, and needs much more work, but Im just doing some initial keyword testing and trying to see how much traffic I can generate daily with it.

    But actually I was thinking about something today. MicroMoney (or better Yet, Microtransactions) seem to be the rage today. We see alot of this in the gaming world, giving the game away, but paying small prices for features and levels and such. And it seems to be working wonders.

    So, i was thinking about taking that idea to my own personal blogs. Now I do understand, that an Autoblog is basically using the same micromoney idea. Create a ton of blogs, each makes a small amount of money, but in the end it all ads up.

    Currently, im trying to think a little outside the box. (at least im trying!) I see autoblogs mainly only use a PPC income. (ie, adsense).

    But what about using popups? I do relize that the CPM is much lower than adsense, but, if youve got a TON of blogs, well, this could add up really quick!

    Anywho, was just wondering if anyone else has tried making money with autoblogs this way instead of adsense and such. Please let me know your experiences and what you think! Thanks!
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    I would just use AdSense but... I probably wouldn't use AdSense. They hate autoblogs and will most likely ban you once they discover (they will - quickly). You should think about using an alternative to AdSense like AdBrite for autoblogs. Think more about building backlinks and then you can focus on the actual money.

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    Use chitika and kontera. Once you get enough traffic and enough good rankings that the site looks like it would be making good money on adsense, switch.

    When you switch you have to do some subtle redesigning and of course start paying a writer and getting real posts up. Put up 20 posts quickly and get the auto crap off of the first page of your blog.