?Micro Niche TLD site vs Blogging with a niche page

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    Hello, (Sorry for my English)
    There is a question in my mind.
    Micro niche sites! I have seen on this forum MNS services are selling very well since really long time.
    Also saw many new advertisements on the web, like 10 minutes Amazon shops which even your grandma can built etc...
    So buy one of these then buy a seo service bam! profit.
    But i am also reading on forum how bad are 90%of the seo services (cheap ones) danger of PBN services.. Mostly in the end the idea is, do it your self manually better at all. These services are better for T3 link building may be.

    Ok. Now the question is: Isn't it better to create a web site which is interesting at least for me that i can crate content more easily. Example Weight loss. Then search niches about weight loss with low competition. Creating a page and ranking the page with seo tactics. By the
    Or Exact niche TLD works better?
    For example:
    Blogging on weightlosshq-com then find a niche "red pills to weight loss" Creating a page with this name and working on both site rank and page rank seo. Then you can find another niche "thermal blue socks for weight loss" then work with this also. Your blog will have better seo even.
    Creating redpillstoweightloss-com then thermalbluesocksforweightloss-com then work for seo.