Micro Niche - Investing $70 per site - Need Expert Advice

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by greenghost, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Hello Mates,

    Though I am with BHW for several years, still I can't make good amount of money through Internet Marketing, may be its because of not implementing the gold methods in BHW. Anyway, Now I am trying to live with Internet marketing now and taking it so seriously. So, I am seeking you kind advice.

    First of all, I am planning to have some micro niche websites, may be 2 or 3 initially. These are some of my questions I really need to know from you guys.
    # Does MNS still work with exact match domain? Can I go for it?
    # I like to outsource all the task, excepts some basic link building and site building. In my calculation I think total cost would be around $70 per website. What do you think? Is it a wise decision to invest this for each websites?

    This is so important for me to make some good amount of money every month, Your suggestions for this with other methods are highly appreciated.

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    The answer really depends on your understanding of a "micro niche site".

    Traditionally a MNS was a site which was quickly set up with an EMD, about 5 articles posted and then nothing else, the site was just left to accumulate income.

    If that's the kind of site you're looking at, then they don't work very well anymore. You may get lucky, but in 90% of cases it won't rank for very long.

    EMD are still valuable, but personally I wouldn't buy an EMD which is longer than 2-3 words. You will also need to keep adding fresh content to keep your site ranking.

    $70 is quite a lot if it's just creating the site, what are you getting for that? I think there are some micro niche site creators on here who charge less than that.
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    With 2-3 MNS, you are looking at making about $2/day
    if thats what you're after, then good luck, I am sure you are not.
    If you want to make money off a website, you better create 1 very useful website. and you better not outsource the whole thing because it just doesnt work that way.
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    Proudly romanian
    WRONG. Why you said if you outsource the whole thing will not work? :) BS.

    When you make an affirmation you need to explain the reasons behind.

    To OP. $70 is not that much, depends whats the ROI.
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    OP, micro niche sites do still work. But you need to make them higher quality and add more content, in my experience.

    I would suggest if you have only $70 per site, you are on a budget.

    You can get a niche site built here for $30 or less if you look around.

    Then you have $40 remaining, which I would spend on with content - with $40 you might get 10 500 word articles, schedule them to publish over the next 3-4 weeks.

    Then get started on the SEO yourself (to save money).

    I would say that your better doing that with 1 site, and having the $70 as a monthly budget, rather than building several sites - because your time and skills will be spread too thin if you are trying to get too many sites going at once.

    When you start to see some return, then start a new site with the same/revised process.
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    +1 for this....

    I personally start this some few days ago. and i planned to build 1 website every month for the next 6 months. I spend $200+ for each website, from content to SEO service, and am just hoping that some of the site will stick long enough to provide me with more money to invest.
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    Most important part of MNS is offpage seo. You are good at offpage seo and you can rank any site = $$$. Firstly think about seo strategy. Website building, content writing are easy parts. I would go for niche sites, not micro niche.

    You can also try other way.
    Buy expired domains in interesting niches on godaddy auctions. It will cost you low-mid $xxx per domain but domain already have backlinks (sometimes natural backlinks impossible to get with easy seo methods) and traffic, sometimes domains have still good positions in seprs.

    P.S. Take a look at zebroid. With that tool you can build MNS website ready to upload in few minutes.
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    $70 is enough for just one seo package. To rank those sites you need to try many packages from the SEO - Link Building section in the Marketplace. Still I don't recommend MNS. You should aim for authority sites and try to rank many keywords. I don't think many ppl are making a huge profit from MNS atm.
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