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Micro Job Websites Tips - Positive Feedback, Negative Feedback Removal, Repat clients etc.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by WormWH, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Dec 17, 2011
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    Hello Blackhatters, i am opening this thread for people who work on Micro Job Websites like Fiverr, SEOClerks, MyCheapJobs, FiveSquids etc, so we can share some Tips & Tricks we know and help others who also work on Micro Job websites.
    I will share some simple but working methods to increase the chances for clients leaving positive feedback, how to remove negative feedback and how to get repeat customers. Feel free to share any other methods you use. :)

    1. How to increase the chances for Positive Feedback?
    If you have ever worked on a Micro Job website like Fiverr, chances are big you have experienced delivering the orders on time and as advertised, but the client did not leave positive feedback.
    Why? Some clients never leave positive feedbacks to stay anonymous, some of them are not happy so don't want to leave a negative feedback because what they pay is what they get and some of them just forget to do it.
    There are a few ways you can try to increase the chances for Positive Feedback and here they are.
    • Over-delivering - If you sell Social Media stuff like likes, followers, etc. you can try overdelivering some likes. If you sell 1000 Facebook Likes for $5, it would be great to send around 1050-1100 likes. Do not send more than that, because the clients may get mad because you have sent a lot more and they did not need it.
    • Kindly asking the buyer to leave positive feedback in the delivery page - When you deliver the order, in your delivery message, you should write something like "Hey, i am new here and i would be very happy if you can rate my order positively, you will help me a lot and i will give highest priority to your orders in future".
    • Offering Revisions/Warranty - If you sell likes, you can offer your buyer a warranty. The normal warranty Fiverr has is 14 days and after that they can't get their money back. But, you can offer them a longer warranty, like 30 days warranty if they leave positive feedback, or a additional revision if you design logos for example. You can include this in your delivery message "If you want to help me and leave a positive feedback for me, i will also increase your warranty from 14 days to 1 month, so in case you need additional modification, i will always be here for you".
    • Offering another free order - You can also offer your buyer to complete 1 order completely free if they leave positive feedback. I highly recommend you to do this if none of the other methods worked for you. You should deliver the order first, kindly ask them for a positive feedback and offer them a warranty in the delivery page. If they don't leave positive feedback after 2-3 days, you can offer them a free order. You can write them a message saying "Hey, sorry for bothering, but i would like to let you know that if you leave a positive feedback for my service, i will give you another free order".

    2. How to remove negative feedback?
    We all know that it's impossible to keep all your customers happy. One day, someone will leave a negative feedback for your order, no matter if you did the job or not.
    It's hard to make a buyer remove a negative feedback, but i have used a few methods that helped me to remove a negative feedback which i will now share.
    • Offer refund and apologize - You should apologize to your buyer, no matter if you did the work right, you should say "Hello, i apologize you did not like my service. $websitenamehere$ is my only source of income and i am so sorry you didn't like my work. If you agree to remove the negative feedback, i will refund your order and your money will appear back to your balance". This will work most of the times and the buyer will say something like "Yes i want a refund!" so you can then go to Support and tell them that the buyer agreed to remove the negative feedback if you refund the order, so they will refund the order and remove the negative feedback.
    • Asking support to remove the negative feedback - Only do this if you think that the buyer wants to cheat you, if you are sure that you did the work 100% as advertised, but the buyer is complaining. Chances are low, but if you are lucky enough, support will remove the negative feedback. It depends on what you sell.

    3. How to get repeat customers and Service/Gig Extra orders?

    • Repeat Customers - There is only one way i have tested to get repeat customers and that is offering them a free order if they order again.So in your delivery message, at the end, you can write something like this "If you buy my service again in the next 48 hours, i will give you +1 free order. So 1 order that you paid + 1 free. If you are interested, let me know".
    • Service/Gig Extra Orders - You can also increase the chances by 50% to make a buyer order a Service/Gig Extra by offering more likes in the extra for the same price they pay. Example, let's say you are selling "1000+ Facebook Likes for $5". You can make a Service/Gig Extra selling "1500 Facebook Likes for an extra $5". So if they order the extra, they will get 2500 Likes in total and if they don't, they won't get the bonus 500 likes. You can also do this if you sell logos, let's say you offer logo design and your service gives them right to only 1 revision. You can add a service extra for 5 extra revisions or something else. Be creative.

    Sure, there are more and better ways to do this, but this is what have worked for me and this is what i will share. I would be more than happy to see other members posting more Tips & Tricks and share their experiences.
    I forgot to add, that the Rule #1 for Micro Job websites is to deliver on time, deliver as advertised and be nice with your clients no matter how they treat you. Do this if you want to succeed. Otherwise, you will fail.
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    Apr 23, 2011
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    many thanks for this share buddy..