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Jan 7, 2011
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I knew a guy a few months back that told me about Micro Loans (Lending anywhere from $10 USD to 3rd World Countries so farmers can grow crops, or whatever people need money for and the 3rd Worlders use your money to do whatever and pay you back with some interest), he said it was making him a couple hundred dollars a day, but I haven't been able to talk with him much lately because of all his online work, real life father duties, etc.

Just wondering if anybody is doing this, or knows a website or a place to start if one wants to get into something like this, it is a small risk but can generate great profits, I'm very interested in something like this, so either PM me, or better yet, post here so everyone can look into it. I hope someone knows how I, or we, can get into this.

Thanks to whomever can help!
It seems like I read something a few years ago about how the multinational central banks of the world were behind some pretty nefarious 'micro lending' schemes. Really bad for the indigenous people.

So if you have a soul you might not wanna do it. At least look into thoroughly. Maybe you can find some banks that are not so damaging to the people.


I have heard good things about this site but I havent had the chance to look into it.

Let us know what you find out and how it goes.

Good Luck
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Thanks for the kiva link. I'm interested in learning more about this too - though not for the purpose of make money from it.
kiva doesn't offer any sort of incentive (you lend $25, hopefully get $25 back).

Microplace is the only other alternative I know of. It's run by ebay, and offers a few percent APY on your money. However, considering that a few of the loans will probably default, I'd guess you'd end up breaking even (more or less).

Both are great ways to help third world economies by only lending.
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