Methods of monetizing established niche blog + social media

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    I run a blog that has been going for roughly 2 years. We cater to a specific style of music in specific countries. Over the years we have manage to establish a name for ourselves and although not big there is not much competition globally. A few months ago we increased our flat rates and was wondering if we are charging the right amount.

    Top banner (940x80) displayed on every page. Maximum 2 adverts in rotation per month $100
    Side bar (280x180) displayed on every page. 4 ads displayed every month $50
    1 exclusive text-only advertising at the top of every page on mobile devices per month (40% traffic) $125
    Site background takeover + FB + Twitter covers per month 1903x1208 $300

    Alexa: Global 735k / 8.3k South Africa

    Oct 14 - Nov 14 metrics:

    22k sessions
    16k users (6k mobile)
    125k pv

    45% South Africa
    7% UK
    5% Germany
    4% France
    3% United States
    2.5 Australia / Mexico / Netherlands / Portugal

    Social media:

    15k FB likes
    3k Twitter followers
    7k Soundcloud followers // 1 million plays
    1k Instagram followers