[Methode] My Way of Getting Backlinks Indexed using RSS Feeds

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    Hello guys,

    After alot of reading this forum, and starting my own webdesign/seo company I am glad so give something back to the community as I learn almost
    everything here, and I want to thank everbody that have shared before!

    It's kinda hard to explain, if you understand it. This way WILL bring some backlinks to you (main) backlinks. Sort of giving you're backlinks more juice and visibility to Google.

    I am using this methode to get my links indexed pretty quick just with some clicks of a button :cool: I am sort of lazy and made my own semi-automated system.

    Photoshoped a picture..


    If this picture is to big, here is the tinypic url: http://i30.tinypic.com/1jssxs.jpg

    Setting up the Twitterfeed account:

    In Step 1: Insert you're RSS Feed url. and the name of the Feed.
    Then click: "Advanced Settings"
    Use these options: Update every half hour, 2 new updates a time. (96 links every 24 hours)
    In Step 2: Insert the services you want, you choose: Twitter,Facebook and Statusnet (identi.ca)
    In Step 3: You're done, you are given a list of the services this feed will provide.

    Q: Where can I find my RSS Feed of my Digg account?
    A: Go to you Profile page, scroll down, on the right side you find a colum with: Stats/
    Then click on the text: Submitted. Look at you're browserbar, there you will find the RSS Logo.
    Click it and you have got you're Digg RSS Feed.

    Q: Can I mass submit my backlinks, around 1000+?
    A: Yeah you can, but I do not recommend this, because you're accounts will be spammed like hell.
    You may add around 50 backlinks to you're main RSS Feed a day. This will prevent you're account
    to be blocked due spamreports.

    Q: Are there any holes/cons?
    A: No I don't think so, the only thing I can think of would be that you can't realy scale this up.
    You have to do this carefully because if you submit to much you're account can be blocked, if you
    submit to less, there is no progress in backlink indexing. So use it with procotion.

    Q: What is the purpose of the Digg RSS Feed?
    A: To get you're backlinks maximum exposure to Google, this way it isn't just a single bookmark
    but you're link WILL be seen by Google, increasing the change of getting indexed.

    Beside this picture Pinging becomes handy to, so ones in a while you want to ping you're Facebook,Twitter,Identi.ca and you're
    RSS Feeds to get some more visibility to Google!

    Hope you enjoy this methode, and I hope it is usefull for you to as it is for me! :D
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