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[Method] Utilizing Xbox Live

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by calebmann, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. calebmann

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    I have been playing alot of xbox lately, its been a bit ridiculous, it has been sidetracting me from my online ventures.

    So I came to the conclusion that I would find a way to work, and play live at the same time!

    The method in a nutshell

    1. Create a clan/community
    2. Create a website or forum (i prefer a forum for this method)
    3. Bulk message players every time your in a new lobby!

    Okay! lets begin this in detail.

    So 1 i was playing Halo Reach (dont hate) with my cousin, we were getting super bored and he said that he wanted to create a clan. So we came up with a name.

    We made ourselves some attractive looking symbols with lions in the background, (same thing goes for call of duty) and we gave oursleves a cool name that most gamers would be attracted to. Just a quick name that we didnt really think about. but this part does not matter a whole lot.

    After that we started trying to recruit people to our clan with little to no success, my marketing brain started working.. I threw together a quick forum with our clan name and put together a quick logo etc.

    Made a FB page and optimized it with our name etc.

    Now we are ready to market it!

    Every lobby you join bulk message people and tell them that you have a new clan, with a forum and frequent giveaways. Most of them will visit your site if they are going to have the opportunity to get free live memberships etc.

    The forum will tell them about your FB page, therefore you get alot of fans.

    This method works well because it is easy, you set up a quick forum and a quick FB page. than all you have to do is play ALOT of halo or cod and watch your community build to hundreds. It will begin going viral on its own with more people repping your community.

    Now to monetize!!

    well you can either have them do FREE cpa offers for the chance to win free memberships etc.

    Or you can gather the emails of all of the gamers you recruited to your forum and email them a clickbank guide ;) Even sending them a sharecash download.

    The more you play and send messages, the more money you can make. This is targeted traffic, a super easy way to build a gamer email list. Mine is reaching about 3000 players which results in some good cash if you use the list right. I handed this method and everything i did over to my cousin for upkeep. He now makes the money as i am busy with other ventures. (and he is a serious gamer)

    Definitely a creative method, and it might seem like a lot of work but what are you really doing? playing games? if you want to be a gamer and make money from it, screw youtube videos which is becoming overloaded. Start something fresh!! after setting it up, all you do is play lol I send out messages whever i play now, and the rest is on autopilot other than sending a quick email for guides or cpa.

    Be smart and you can create a membership plan, much like jr. vip for BHW. Just a thought :D

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  2. StartupBros

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    May 16, 2009
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    Interesting method, thanks buddy.