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    If you need to check your ranking in google USA result, checking adsense ads as if you from United States, create multiple account in yahoo, or other website as if you from USA, then read the method below.

    1. Go to
    via mobile phone and download boltbrowser then install it in your phone.
    2. Use boltbrowser to do the stuff i mentioned above, no matter where you from you will detected from U.S even Google and Yahoo.
    3. If you browse any website that have adsense in it, the ads will shown to you as if you are from U.S.

    Boltbrowser are a java based app, so if your phone support Java MIDP 2 then it can install Bolt. Boltbrowser use their United States server to compress pages before sending it to your phone, so if you use Bolt you will be detected as if you are from United States.