[Method] University/College only: How to easily make $100 in only 1/2 an hour a week

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    Hey guys,

    *You have to be university of college for this one, sorry everyone else*

    I am brand new here and unsure this is the right section of forum, but I want to share an easy way I make $100 a week (even more) with little work. It is also a great way to work on your in person talking and sales skills. Your job is basically to make professors watch a 15 minute of this online classroom response tool (its like a clicker but on your phone) and you get paid $30-$50 per demo you close.

    How you achieve that is up to you, I personally know lots of profs on campus and just reach out and ask them to spare 15 minutes, but people on my team cold call, go in person or just mass email and try and get responses. Real easy to bring in the bacon, just book a meeting on google calendar and watch the dough pile.

    The company is Top Hat Monocle (google them), and they hire "Campus Ambassadors" to promote their software on campus. The position posting is here on the top tab under careers. They are pretty selective about who gets hired, but I can always give you a reference and get you in. If you have any questions let me know!