[Method] Twisted, Scrappy and hella Scandalous Get FREE CL PVAs

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    Ok so my biz partner and I sat for along time, trying many different things out.

    What we learned...

    1. Pay phones don't exist anymore
    2. We are to old to ask people to use their phones so we can call our parents but... we can appear broke [Method 2]
    3. Sprint and all PCS based networks suck
    4. Paying for landlines X.X NOPE
    5. The mall is [email protected] awesome.
    6. There was two of us but I think if you try hard enough you can make these work alone, or compensate a friend to help.

    Here you go...

    [Method 1A]
    Go to the mall. Find pay phones. Once you have discovered there is no pay phones, map out the location of every wireless kiosk. Except Sprint because they suck.

    Step 2. Call your phone from every cell phone at the kiosk, do it from left to right, so you can remember what number goes with what phone. Your cell phone should store the calls from first to last. Self Explanatory, if it doesn't write it down or something, you can act like you are just researching a purchase hella hardcore.

    Step 3. Tricky... Call your partner who is at home on the laptop, give him the numbers to plug in. BE SURE YOU KNOW THE ORDER OF THE NUMBERS BOTH OF YOU

    Step 3A. Return to a secure location where you can get out and work on your laptop. Use wi-fi to connect to the internet, very easy to find at the mall. WARNING: DO NOT GO TO PANERA AND SIT IN THERE WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING. (I just sat directly outside of the store, not in view) Plug in the numbers for each account, carefully paying attention to the order. At your laptop you can assign each account its number.

    Step 3B. Use logmein app to remotely connect to your computer via your smartphone. Be sure to have everything open on the PC at home and don't forget about plugging in proxies, time intensive but it works.

    Step 4. Return to kiosk. Now what I did was dial each CL CODE into MY cell phone in the same order I took the numbers/created the accounts etc. This was extremely easy, you pick your method.

    Step 5. Enter the codes in order...you now have your PVAs

    Rinse and repeat, best stores are AT&T and Verizon, best Kiosk is T-mobile (Tested at three different malls)

    [Method 2]

    The scrappy kid method.

    My biz partner kind of looks like a stoner, because he is a Stoner Web engineering guru...

    Step 1. Sit at the exit/entrance of the mall.

    Step 2. "Sir, I need to get ahold of my friend to come pick me up but my phone has been lost! May I please borrow your phone for just a few minutes so I can get back home please?"

    Step 3. Call your buddy, he now has the phone number.

    Step 4. Pretend to give directions to your buddy while he enters the code.. If using a sprint PCS phone, use a codeword for abort.

    Step 5. While you are giving directions have buddy plug in number, either take the call or have him do it as a text message. For both methods we just look at the phone, jiggle with it and say, oh i thought i lost you.

    Step 6. Delete the information real fast...FAST idk people never gave us shit about it except for this girl who thought we were going through her phone (paranoid).

    The general rule is once you get the phone from the person, if you are polite they probably wont ask for it back until you are done.

    I hope these methods help you guys out!

    Also, phone numbers at kiosks and wireless stores change every 30 days.

    Method 2, never fails and our highest verification rate with both method was about 1 every 7 minutes.

    Now for a funny story.

    The first time we attempted this method we were at the mall. We had seen so many bomb ass chicks that we decided we had to figure a way to use the mall as a workplace. I work better around...b00bies.

    So we can't find a single pay phone. We stumbled upon a tmobile kiosk with over ten different phones...


    I sat in a small lounge area near Maceys while my partner went to get the phone numbers, we were still pretty slow and stupid at this point.

    The first one worked without a hitch and off he went to call me with the second number. Stupidly, he returned even though he had called my phone with the number. I then proceeded to plug in the number and get the verification. FAIL.

    I didn't click text, he didn't silence the phone.

    As he approached the kiosk he saw the woman holding the phone, another guy answered it... He just kept walking.

    We didn't give up.

    He took over PC and I got phone duty.

    We verified 4 more accounts... FAIL

    He called security on us.

    The security guard came and asked me what I was doing.

    I told him.

    He asked for the laptop and that he wanted to 'take' it so that he could turn it over to the police. I laughed.

    I texted my buddy and told him to meet me at our rendevouz point... obviously we used a code and it was just an ironic capital 'P'

    I ran. The flip flops stayed. I ran barefoot, from the mall, across the street on baking hot asphalt to the rendevouz...

    It was this great adventure that forced me to think of a newer, more creative method of getting these accounts.

    Hope you enjoyed!

    PS: I know that this is really shameless. But I am extremely frugal and if I can every help anyone save money I do. This method works wonders. We have hit up tons of stores and borrowed even more phones. Whatever it takes!
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    This is EPIC.. i laughed so hard reading this thank you op!! i gonna try this out just for kicks and giggles. im wondering if u guys had code names while in the field you know to throw off people XD
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    it was a killer read mate - ;)

    I ran. The flip flops stayed. I ran barefoot, from the mall, across the street on baking hot asphalt to the rendevouz... 
    scrappy: scrappy callin scandalous , come in scandalous
    scandalous : wtf?
    scrappy : we have been compromised , meet me at rendevouz
    scandalous : again

    The mall is [email protected] awesome.
    Not for PVA's bro , find a new mall or a new method

    P.S : as far as my needs are concerned , i use my frd's and family phones to get a PVA most of the time ,every now and then when u meet some relative or frd , simply ask him to use his phone for registering an account .99% wont even bother abt this

    Use ur Pva Wisely , its better to be more creative and spend some time planning the CL campaign rather than spamming the shit otta Cl and getting ur accts banned
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    I have to admit it -- This made me LOL!

    Good story tho, it's a great example how people can reduce the costs if they have some time and a sense of adventure.
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    D E T R O I T
    LOL! I'm going to do this like tomorrow though :)
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    City of Angels
    Creative but too much work compared to paying for landlines which usually last a long time, good thread and effort nonetheless.

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    Hahahha, that was funny. Your whole post was hilarious. Damn man, why go to such lengths to get CL accounts? Is there money to be made that I don't know about? How do you monetize it?!?! Haha, damn this thread put me in a good mood. I'd totally be part of this Delta Squad PVA Force :D