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Method to get ACTUAL Views, Comments, and Ratings on Youtube

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by alchemy3, May 22, 2009.

  1. alchemy3

    alchemy3 Newbie

    Nov 1, 2008
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    I'm posting this because I'm retiring from video seeding and this has been the time-tested best strategy for getting actual views on YouTube without e-whoring or any trickery of the sort. This is not for spammers, this is an actual marketing technique I have used for branded content.

    This may sound outdated to some of you, but the updates to the software and the techniques I use to get passed the YT spam filters make it effective. Also, because it gets actual targeted views, there will be no chance of freezing and the YT popular algorithm will be happy as a clown.

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Buy or create about 30 Youtube accounts. There are sellers on this site if you are lazy.
    2. Get the Tube Toolbox and pay for six of the 30 accounts to be pro ($7/mo each).
    3. Open Toolbox and gather only users that have commented on recent videos related to your content. If you can't find any or you're lazy, leave the Target Spider Search up for a night or use the Gather from Search Results feature and click "By Date Added".
    4. After you've gathered users to you're little heart's desire, gather your video and click Send Messages To Users. Input the gathered users, attach the video, and assign four other non-paid accounts to message alongside the pro account.
    5. IMPORTANT: Write two or three short, distinct messages with #UN# somewhere in the message and title. Example: hey #UN#. would you mind commenting on this vid, really appreciate it!. The #UN# will insert their username and it will not get stopped as much by the spam filter.
    6. Click Send and let it run. Repeat for every group of five accounts (1 pro, 4 non-paid) until you have all six of them running. You can do more if you're ambitious/have the time. Just make sure you differentiate your messages.

    6 instances 30 accounts = 6,000 messages/day = about 1k views, 100 comments, 75 ratings / day.

    Or as much as you want to run it, it's just bandwidth and $.

    Note: I'm sorry if this isn't the glorious "never work another day in your life" Youtube solution you leeches were looking for. This is for actual marketers looking for something resourceful and dependable that gets their video to people that actually give a rat's ass.

    If you like this idea, or you want to help a brother out, please use my Tube Toolbox Affiliate Link:
    Let me know if you have any question or problems with the method and I will do my best to answer or clarify anything. Good luck!
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