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    Hey guys

    Yesterday I came up with simple idea of how to generate some clicks on adfly(or similar services) links to scale and earn some money

    The method I came up with is very very simple and will send you clicks seconds after you start using it

    I tested it a bit (half an hour) and managed to get ~650 clicks 9for some reason blackhatforum doesn't allow me to upload images)

    So that's what I did.

    I went to freelance sites like,odesk and similar, created accounts there

    Came up with "dream job" for freelancers ideas like "Need a quality writer 10$/100 words" or "Need a designer to provide me banners daily 50$/banner" and "Need a writer to rewrite this article URGENT 75$"

    I hope you get the idea, just create a task any freelancer would like to get

    in the description you write:

    "I need a rewrite for THIS (adfly link shortened using bitly) article fast! 75$ if you can do that in 12 hours"

    THAT's it. I just created severl "dream" jobs with my adfly links on those sites and got almost 700 clicks. You just need your offer to be SUEPR attractive so lots of freelancers pay attention and visit your offer page.

    ANd of course they'll visit your link to find out what you want from them.

    That's actually the whole method, I guarantee that if you try it RIGHT NOW you will start getting clicks in like 3-5 mins. Thx

    for some reason adfly got ***** in my title..anyway you can use any site that oays for visiting their links
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    Thats clever.
    It is not easily scalable unfortunately.
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    nice method. you can make the adfly link go to your ppd page where the lead downloads the article they have to rewrite and make more revenue.
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    I think this method can get your or adfly account banned, but thanks for sharing.