[method] "timed content" pay me 300$ a month with adsense

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    my method

    > owning a high PR domain (PR5), hv pretty good backlinks..

    > aiming local trending topic, news etc

    > subscribe others blog rss feed, rewrite if the trending topic is worth to rewrite

    > so some on page seo

    300USD a month using adsense, although the cpc kinda suckzz (0.10-20$), but it's worth, and the local traffic is so easy! I got 3-4k visit daily..

    advantage of this method :
    post > check after 5 min > ranked > slp > crazy traffic > $$

    disadvantage :
    If no freaking news mean less earning.. mass traffic but general niche, low cpc..

    Plan to build timeless content now, as my site hv gained trust frm google, any ideas for tool and trick? I kinda tire rewrite articles