[METHOD] The Ultimate Guide to Making $500-$1000/Day Buying & Selling NFTs!

A great load of infos, thanks a lot for this amazing Guide bro and wish you all the best
When you click on the collection of the project that you are seeing that's being sold multiple times you will see a floor price listed at the top which is the lowest someone has listed that NFT for and then sort by "Low to High" and select "Buy Now" on the left which basically shows you every NFT in that collection that has been listed for sale. What you want to look for is the difference between the lowest to the next few ones. If you see an NFT that has the lowest one at let's say 0.50 ETH and then there's two at 0.55 and the next one is 0.80 you would buy it right there and list it for 0.79 and within minutes it will be sold and you just made a nice profit because you only need two sales before yours gets sold.

Can someone or OP elaborate this a little bit more specificilly the buying part (lowest price and two more and the next one), because i didn't understand this part quite well but the rest of the text is pretty straight forward ?

Thanks for sharing OP
NFTs have been one of the major points of conversation everywhere in the last few months and rightfully so. If you are familiar with NFTs, you have seen people make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of days and if you are still new to NFTs I am about to show you a whole new world on how you can capitalize on this NFT boom that's happening right now and make a passive income online buying and selling NFTs.

Before I get started, a couple of years back I was one of the first people in BHW to share my legendary dropshipping guide where a lot of you made some serious bank by getting in back then before everyone else did and it got saturated and earlier this year I posted a thread about Safemoon and everyone who got in when I posted that thread made a killing as in if you had invested $500 the day I posted it, you walked away with $30k-$50k if you sold at the peak and look at it now, it's about to be listed on Robinhood. The reason why I am pointing this out is because timing is everything, if you read this thread and don't take action you will miss out on one of the biggest opportunities of your life.

With that being said, let's get started!

Why Should I Get Involved In Trading NFTs?

In this guide, I am going to break down everything you need to know about NFTs and how you can make a killing buying & selling NFTs. First of all, let's go over some facts so you understand how big this is and why you should get involved. Almost all big influencers in the tech space like Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Gary Vee are actively promoting NFTs. You also have big names like Logan Paul, Snoop Dog, Jay Z, Doja Cat and almost all big celebrities who are already in the NFT space.

Aside from that, Facebook just rebranded themselves to Meta, Nike just filed a patent for virtual clothing, Microsoft just joined the Metaverse and are rolling out immersive meetings with 3D avatars and that's just a few of the top companies who are getting involved in NFTs. We are basically in the early 90s when the internet boom happened and a lot of people got very very rich and now it's happening again but this time with NFTs.

If you have seen the movie "Ready Player One" that's exactly where the world is headed and if you haven't definitely go watch it and you will get an idea of what's going to happen in the next few years. I know these facts sound great but the real question is how do you make money from it? Well, we are getting right into the good stuff now.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token and is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

For my non-tech-savvy people, this basically means that a digital asset is owned only by you and is certified on the blockchain and no one else owns it so only you can buy and sell it.

Potential Of NFTs

If you already know about NFTs, I am sure you heard about Bored Ape Yacht Club or even CryptoPunks, well those are some of the most popular ones. If you had bought a BAYC NFT at mint you would have essentially paid around 0.10 ETH which roughly was around $300 as the price of ETH was much lower back then. However, here's the highest sold BAYC right now.


The highest last sale was for 769 ETH which roughly comes down to $3,537,400. Yes, that JPEG was sold for several million dollars. Do all NFT projects do this well? No, definitely not but if you follow everything I am about to show you below you will almost ensure you get in the right projects and flip them for a premium.

Head over to -

And go over a few projects and sort by "Highest Last Sale" and you can see them for yourself.

Now, the way you make the most in NFTs is by joining projects with a lot of potential early and it's very important you get in early because all of these NFT projects have something called a "Whitelist" which is basically everyone who gets to buy at the Pre Sale and it's crucial that you get into these pre-sales as that will always ensure that you are coming out on top and making a killer ROI. The reason being the price is always the highest between the pre-sale and the public sale because the actual reveal happens after the public sale and usually whitelist members get to mint (buying them before they drop in the secondary market) multiple NFTs as opposed to just one. So, you can basically buy 2-3 of them at the cheapest price possible and sell 2 in the secondary market and keep 1 which I personally do as you never know how big a project will get and you make a profit right there as well. Also, if you are concerned about how you will find profitable projects I will show you my exact KPIs so you know exactly what to look out for.

Getting Started

First of all, you are going to need a couple of things -

1. Discord - To join any NFT project you will need to join their Discord where they list everything about the project including the whitelist criteria.
2. Wallet - You are going to need two types of wallets one of which is MetaMask and the other one is Phantom Wallet.
3. Essential accounts - You will need to create accounts in both OpenSea and Solanart which is very easy to do, just go through the prompts and connect your wallet.
4. Crypto - For starters you will need ETH in MetaMask or SOL in Phantom depending on the project you are getting into.

Market Research

Finding Profitable Projects To Mint

This is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to finding profitable NFT projects as timing + research = $$$. All NFT projects either have art or utility, ideally, you want to get into projects with both as long as they fall into the KPIs that I will mention below. However, there are times when you will go under or above the KPIs in specific situations which I will also show with examples below.

There two best places to find and research NFTs are -
1. https://rarity.tools/upcoming/
2. https://nftcalendar.io/

However, on top of these sites you always wanna look out for NFT projects mentioned on Instagram, Reddit, TikTok and if any project catches your eye and you see the KPIs being met you should definitely jump in and get on that whitelist.

KPIs To Observe -

1. Art - Yes
2. Utility - Yes
3. Discord users - >2k - 5k
4. Discord activity - High
5. Total NFTs available - <10k
6. Secondary market price - Higher than mint
7. Previous pattern - Yes

The reason you want to be within these parameters in projects with a lot of potential is because this will almost always ensure that you are getting in the best projects early and have a guaranteed shot at the whitelist.

Let's analyze a few profitable projects to get into right now -

1. Knights Of Chain - https://www.knightsofchain.com


This is one project on the Ethereum blockchain that matches all the criteria above and that should ideally be your sweet spot. So, let's go over the KPIs I mentioned above. They have amazing artwork backed by the utility which is a community launchpad. Right now they have around 3k members in Discord in under a week which ensures you get a guaranteed shot at whitelist and also tells you they are growing. They have a very active community in Discord as sometimes you will see Discords with 10k members and there is no activity whatsoever. They just announced that they are getting a billboard in Times Square which is also something you wanna look out for as after any type of big PRs projects tend to blow up really quickly. Total supply of 9,999 which almost all popular projects have and the mint price will be the same as the public sale price as that's very important because if the mint price is below the public sale price you will get a lot of penny flippers who will try to undercut the market in the secondary markets like OpenSea. They have similar art to ON1 Force which is a project I was personally involved in where I got in for around $500 at mint and sold for almost $20k between pre-sale and public sale. Once you get involved in a few projects you should always aim to find projects that are similar and definitely get into them as that's another factor that ensures that one will also do well. This is one reason you will see so many ape projects who are trying to be the next Bored Ape Yacht Club and almost all of them are doing great.

2. Catch King - https://www.catchking.io/


I wanted to give you guys multiple examples on the two most popular blockchains so you can get an idea for both because there are times when you can make an exception to the KPIs. This is a project on the Solana blockchain which has pixelated art but they already have a working game with that nostalgic factor so the utility is definitely there so you would be getting into this project solely for the utility. On top of that, they are a couple of weeks old and have around 400 members so you have a guaranteed shot at the whitelist as well. Supply is 5,555 so it's under 10k so that's also great. I have been in 2 similar projects on the Solana blockchain that had games ready to go with the NFTs being playable characters in the game and I did insanely well in both of those on Solanart. So, ideally, I am buying this project because of a pattern I saw before so its very important to recognize these patterns and that would be the only time you would wanna make an exception the KPIs.

You should always aim to find projects that match the KPIs but there are times when you can go above and below the parameters and that would be when you see a pattern so you would get in a project and get whitelisted and see where it goes. Another project that I did really well on was MekaVerse which only had the art and it still blew up so exceptions can definitely be made once you get used to understanding these patterns. The way I broke down Knights Of Chain is exactly how you should break down every project you aim to get in and if they match definitely get in.

Finding Profitable Projects On The Secondary Market

To make a killing in this business, you ideally want to mint profitable projects with the parameters I mentioned above but you should always be looking on secondary markets like OpenSea to do quick flips which also add up fairly quickly.

To get started on the secondary market go here - https://opensea.io/activity

What you wanna look for is a pattern of multiple NFTs from one particular project that's being sold multiple times in a matter of minutes. Usually, that's determined by external factors like PR or shoutout by an influencer, you can go find out what it is by joining their Discord but usually, if I see a difference in floor price I will buy it right there and then.


When you click on the collection of the project that you are seeing that's being sold multiple times you will see a floor price listed at the top which is the lowest someone has listed that NFT for and then sort by "Low to High" and select "Buy Now" on the left which basically shows you every NFT in that collection that has been listed for sale. What you want to look for is the difference between the lowest to the next few ones. If you see an NFT that has the lowest one at let's say 0.50 ETH and then there's two at 0.55 and the next one is 0.80 you would buy it right there and list it for 0.79 and within minutes it will be sold and you just made a nice profit because you only need two sales before yours gets sold.

Scaling Up and Conclusion

Now you know exactly how to find profitable NFT projects like KOC at mint and also the secondary market as well. Try to get involved in as many projects as you can with the KPIs above and you will do great. You will be making the most money from the flips that you get from mint like the ones above and funnel the profits into secondary markets like OpenSea and Solanart and do quick flips every day. Try to aim for 5-10 quick flips a day and get on as many mints as you can on projects with high potential. Again try to aim for 2-3 at mint on good projects and sell 2 and keep 1 and always be looking for patterns.

The Metaverse is being built right in front of us and now you know exactly how you can bank in on one of the craziest money-making opportunities ever. TAKE ACTION and make 2021 your year!
Oh my world. Gold thread..
It seems like you should have entered the NFT market a couple of years ago.
Now it is already an overheated market.
But punks are cool, of course. Love them.
Как это здорово, когда есть подобные способы. Спасибо вам !
A lot of NFTs are fraud. Seller make a collection and then his/her fake accounts start buying and selling and you will see that pattern in most of the NFTs. I checked many projects. They buyer and sellers are almost same addresses in them. They are creating history.

For example one buyer buys it for 0.1 ETH and then sales it for 0.2 ETH and then next buyer buys it for 0.2 and sales it for 0.3. And they do that for one NFT. This creates a history. A normal buyer thinks the NFT is in demand and that normal buyer buys the NFT and then that NFT stops selling. Nobody buys it from that buyer.

This is actually a chain of fraud. Makers are investing high to create this fraud. They also pay influencers to talk about their NFTs. When an influencer talks about it, the floor price goes up because the entire team starts buying and selling among each other.

A normal user thinks the NFT is in demand. Influencer talked about it. So it should be bought. It will be sold but when that normal user buys it, the NFT stops selling because there was no actual buyer for it.

So before moving into it, do check their history and also check the addresses who is selling and who is buying. And then also check the entire stock from the same seller. If the sellers and buyers are same addresses, they are manipulating the market.
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