[METHOD] Starting fresh in a new niche, how to get traffic to main product site.

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    I have been a member for a few years and felt it was time to post my method and help other and get pointers for myself. This is a larger project than I'm use to running so any insight will be greatly appreciated. Most of the techniques have been taken from what I have read so thanks in advance for the great ideas. My background has been with smaller clients with brick and mortar service businesses and promoting their sites. Recently my largest customer asked me to exclusively work for them for their new product they are about to launch. For the sake of this tutorial let's say it is the sporting medicine business and they are releasing a new brand of sports creme for back aches. This is obviously not the niche but one that is very similar. We have a budget of around $1500 per month to use for seo tools, one VA in PI, domains/hosting, writers, and PPC. This may be strange but I decided to but 25 top level domains and intend to build them up at the rate of 5 at a time (plus the main money site.) The goal is to get the first set of 5 sites to rank very well and then choose the next set of 5 (ones that are getting the most traffic or have the most potential) and work on them until I am ready for the next. I don't always pick winners so with 20+ to choose from I will get at least 10 that do well. The goal is to push as much legit traffic to the main site and hopefully convert them to customers.

    Like I said earlier any ideas on how to improve will be very appreciated.

    Main Money Site

    1. Create Volusion.com account for money site
    2. Build site and configure to include payment info, products, and contact details.
    3. Set up affiliate program and facebook store using built in tools.

    ****Disclaimer: this is my first site to set up using volusion but it looks like a viable option. I like that site is hosted by them and secured by them as well. I prefer that this is taken care of by a third party so I can focus on site promotion. Some of their services look a little pricey but I think I can exclude most and keep costs down.

    Secondary Money Sites

    Top 5 micro niche sites with traffic

    1. **********.NET
    2. **********.org
    3. **********.ORG
    4. **********.NET
    5. **********.NET

    Bottom 19 micro niche sites with traffic

    1. **********.com
    2. **********.com
    3. **********.com
    4. **********.com
    5. **********.com
    6. **********.com
    7. **********.com
    8. **********.com
    9. **********.com
    10. **********.com
    11. **********.net
    12. **********.com
    13. **********.com
    14. **********.NET
    15. **********.NET
    16. **********.ORG
    17. **********.NET
    18. **********.COM
    19. **********.ORG

    Site setup

    1. 7 500+ word articles each using the main keyword 3 to 6 times + LSI words
    2. 6 of the 7 articles use one of the main LSI keywords 3 to 6 times each
    3. photos and videos all tagged with main keyword
    4. privacy policy, terms of use, contact us, and site maps on all sites
    5. links to top industry related sites plus links to wikapedia related to main term
    6. standard set of plugins for backup, security, anti spam, mangewp, caching, auto deep linking, platinum seo, google analytics, and a few others
    7. aweber sign up to download free industry related e-book
    8. hosting spread across 7 servers, no more than four sites per ip (sites will not backlink to each other, only to main money site)
    9. feedburner RSS and email subscribe to updates
    10. social media links for G+, FB Like, Pinterest, and Twitter, these go on every page excluding those listed in step 4.
    11. Custom logo and custom theme setup using genesis theme.
    12. Sidebar banner for main money site using "nofollow" link
    13. Add each site to managewp to maintain plugin, theme, and wordpress updates.

    Tier 1 Links

    YouTube Channel (Niche Product Reviews)

    In my experience youtube can bring a ton of visitors if done correctly. I will spend a lot of time on this channel to ensure the content is entertaining. I have a green screen setup and wear a simple but funny costumes when making videos. Each video has a professional intro and outro encouraging viewers to subscribe to channel, comment, and like videos. I also try to engage other influential related niche channel owners. The reason for the video responses on popular related videos is obviously to get users to check out my channel.

    1. Subscribe to all niche review channels with a min of 50 subscribers each
    2. Create 20 products reviews and how to videos
    3. Create personal response videos for top niche product reviewers
    4. Vagex videos to get them started (mostly views but a few likes too)
    5. Get 1K subscribers MILESTONE
    6. Get 100k video views for channel MILESTONE
    7. Create facebook fanpage for channel
    8. Create twitter account for channel (setup autoposts to post daily with Hootsuite explained later)
    9. Create simple TLD site for youtube channel. This is a simple site where I just repost all videos from the channel. Also include polls asking visitors what type of videos they would like to see next. Site includes the same setup as mentioned above for all micro niche sites. Don't worry about any link building for this site. I used a creative name for the character in the videos so the exact match domain name was available. That should be enough to get it to the first page for search term.

    Video Distribution Sites

    1. Create account on Vimeo
    2. Create account on Metacafe
    3. Create account on Daily Motion
    4. Any others ???

    Google Places Citations (do this for all 24 sites)

    1. Obtain whitespark reports for each keyword related to the 25 sites.
    2. Compare reports and look for consistent sites between all 25 reports.
    3. Choose 30 or so not already included in the senuke defaults. Create custom script in senuke to auto create the sign ups.
    4. Drip the default google places account and 30 new ones to all sites over 2 weeks.
    5. Follow behind with 10 forum profile links for each google places citation created. Drip these over a few weeks.

    Facebook Fanpages

    1. Create one facebook fanpage per site including youtube channel fanpage
    2. Use creative names that will encourage people to like.
    3. Find fiverr gigs that will add likes to multiple pages. Some examples are gigs offering 200 likes for up to 5 sites. I use this to get the page started and not look like a ghost town. These fans suck and are rarely actual people so don't add to many. The main reason if FB will only show your posts to a small amount of your fans, you don't want to waste the views on crappy spam accounts.
    4. I use 5 accounts to create all 26 pages.
    5. Add profile picture and timeline pictures.
    6. Seed page with at least 5 posts. I like to mix it up with pictures, youtube videos, links from site posts, and a brief intro to encourage people to like the page.


    1. Manually create these for money site and top 5 sites
    2. Fill in all profile information and add pictures
    3. Add a few seed pics and a introduction post


    1. Manually create these for money site, top 5 sites, and youtube channel account.
    2. Fill in all profile information and add profile pictures
    3. Follow as many top twitter accounts as possible. You will get a few followers by following these.
    4. Add the accounts to Hootsuite.
    5. In Hootsuite create a stream for the keywords related to each site. This will create a list of anyone that mentions your keywords. From here you can DM them and / or follow them.
    6. Retweet other's tweets that mention your keyword. This may get them to follow you back.
    7. Create a spreadsheet with everyday of the week in one column, a time of day in 15 minute increments in another, and a tweet in the last column. Then do a bulk upload to schedule the tweets to go out daily. This will help keep the account active and also possibly bring new followers. Switch up the order of the tweets and rinse and repeat for all 7 twitter accounts. There is a limit of 30 posts so don't do over a month at a time.
    8. There were a lot of sites you could join to get followers but they are a little risky and usually full of fellow spammers 8)
    9. You can also use the twitter /search-advanced feature and find users talking about your niche by geographic location.
    10. Use hashtags


    1. Create main money site pinner account + 5 additional for top 5 sites
    2. Get main pinterest account 5K + followers (I used a BST provider for this)
    3. Pin images from all 25 sites created plus youtube channel
    4. Update facebook fanpages with pins (use IFTTT to automate, explained below)
    5. **Optional** Create 50 other pinterest accounts to assist in repinning (this is optional but I already had so I use them to repin my pins using pinpioneer)
    6. Invite followers to your boards to help increase virality (stupid buzz word but it fits I think)


    1. Create Squidoo lenses for main money site and top 5 micro niche sites
    2. Add the following modules: Big Link, RSS feed from related site the lens is created for, Amazon items from your store, pictures, comments, and 750 word article (broken down into small sections)
    3. Gradually get 25 squidoo likes for each lens (no more than 2 likes per day per lens.) You can get this from fiverr or by doing lots of commenting on other squidoo lenses. Like others lenses and then leave a comment letting the owner know you liked their lens, direct them to one of your lenses.


    1. Create Ezinearticles for main money site and top 5 micro niche sites
    2. This one is a little iffy b/c I don't think it is as powerful as it once was. It is still a link and from my experience Ezine traffic was at least 5 to 1 to other article sites I have used.


    1. Create blogspot.com site for main money site and top 5 micro niche sites. Min 3 posts with pictures and videos per blogspot site
    2. Change themes and fill in profile completely (all manual work)


    1. Create wordpress.com site for main money site and top 5 micro niche sites. Min 3 posts with pictures and videos per wordpress site
    2. Change themes and fill in profile completely (all manual work)

    If This Then That

    1. Create recipes to post updates to tier 1 properties, this keeps them updated and hopefully prevents them from being deleted.
    2. You will need to create 6 IFTTT accounts, I don't think you can associate multiple profiles for the various properties we will be using.
    3. First get the rss url's for each pinterest account you will use (1 for main money site and 1 for each of the top 5 sites)
    4. Add related accounts for Blogger, wordpress, tumblr, facebook fanpage, and twitter to each IFTTT account.
    5. Create a recipe using RSS "new feed item" then Blogger "create a photo post"
    6. Create a recipe using RSS "new feed item" then Wordpress "create a photo post"
    7. Create a recipe using RSS "new feed item" then Tumblr "create a photo post"
    8. Create a recipe using RSS "new feed item" then Facebook Fanpage "upload a photo from URL"
    9. Create a recipe using RSS "new feed item" then Twitter "post a tweet with image"
    10. Rinse and repeat this for all 6 accounts
    11. Additional variations could include: Flickr, Foursquare, linkedin, Instagram, facebook profile (in addition to fanpage), delicious, and Diigo.

    Related Niche Forums

    1. Create accounts on all top niche related forums. I wrote scripts for all the forums I could find and saved them in Senuke XCr. This makes creating the accounts extremely easy.
    2. Post comments on 3 sets of accounts to increase posts. Need a total of 100 posts per account per forum to establish credibility and hopefully unlock the ability to post a signature.
    3. Randomly drop links to sites on forums when the opportunity presents itself, don't spam or your account will get banned.
    4. Add signature to profile when the option is available.


    1. These bookmarks are for money site and 24 micro niche sites. Add around 50 for main url and 25 for each deep link from article posts. Be sure to drip these over a few weeks.
    2. I use senuke for bookmarking and there are around 100 sites you can create accounts with.
    3. Try to diversify the tags to look more natural. Use plural versions and also related LSI words.

    Manual Comments

    1. Create a google alert for each of the 25 sites' main keyword.
    2. Set them to most recent news
    3. Set them to alert as they happen so you have a steady stream of alerts.
    4. As the alerts come in make manual comments on articles and add link to the "website" area of the form.


    Backlinks for Tier 1 Links

    1. Forum profiles (all from Senuke)
    2. More social bookmarks to all tier 1 accounts
    3. Web 2.0 Profiles (all from Senuke)
    4. Scrapebox comments to all tier 1 accounts
    5. Article directory links using hand spun articles (all from Senuke)
    6. Social network links using hand spun articles (all from Senuke)


    Backlink for Tier 2 Links (mostly to help get links indexed)

    1. Xrumer blasts (get a fiverr gig that allows you to send lots of tier 2 links) Get all URL's from senuke logs. I only do this twice a month.
    2. Wiki blasts (get a fiverr gig that allows you to send lots of tier 2 links) Get all URL's from senuke logs. I only do this twice a month.
    3. Scrapebox comments to large auto approve lists. Get all URL's from senuke logs. I only do this once a month.


    Weekly maintenance should only take one hour per day to perform, 7 days a week. All tasks listed below should not be performed on the same day.

    1. Schedule daily posts for the week for main money site. Updating site daily will help you become an authority for your niche quicker. (40 minutes)
    2. Post one article to each of the 5 main sites. (30 minutes)
    3. Schedule bookmarks to drip all week for the above listed posts. 25 bookmarks per article posted (30 minutes)
    4. Pin one image from the 6 main pinterest accounts associated to IFTTT recipes (15 minutes)
    5. Release one new video for youtube channel and post to other video sites. (1 hour)
    6. Go through all new google alerts and make comments on related posts for related sites. Do this daily. (30 minutes)
    7. Make forum posts for each set of accounts. Do this daily. (30 minutes)
    8. Release 1 press release for either the main money site or one of top 5 micro niche sites. I use senuke to post these.
    9. Check your accounts and respond to any direct messages.
      1. Facebook fanpages
      2. Youtube channel
      3. Twitter accounts
    10. Review serp (I use serpbook to track results) changes and make adjustment accordingly
    11. Review analytics (I use an iphone app so I can do this anytime) look for referral traffic, demographics, bounce rates, time on pages, and top pages for traffic. You are looking to see what is working the best. If you are getting good traffic from a source then look for ways to improve that content. If you can recreate what you did try to do it for all other sites.
    12. Check aweber for new subscribers. Once a list gets over 50 subscribers I create a set of follow up messages. These can be simple messages that let subscribers know about related facebook fanpages, ask them to follow you on twitter, and tell them about your great youtube channel. I like the Frank Kern method of 3 informative messages before 1 sales message. It really helps in building credibility and helps keep your subscribers engaged. Once the list gets to around 1000 I consider it a good start and make sure they get an email at least once a month but preferably once a week.
    13. This is obvious but I also check every marketplace I am selling my product for daily orders. This is done when I wake up, around noon, and before I go to bed. I am not responsible for fulfillment but I like to ensure customers are getting their orders.


    E-Commerce Sites

    1. Create Amazon sales account
    2. Create Ebay sales account
    3. Create Alibaba sales account
    4. Find other marketplaces and create an account
    5. Contact all niche retail sales related sites and offer products to add to their current product line.
    6. Email all affiliates and offer sign up bonuses and run contests if feasible. Educate them on any new products and make sure they have the tools to succeed.

    PPC AND Paid Banner Ads

    Pay Per Click Advertising

    1. Establish monthly online marketing budget ($500 min per month needed)
    2. Create google adwords campaigns
    3. Contact forum owners and request ad information. Choose best sites to run ads on and track your results.
    4. Set up facebook ads to promote top FB fanpages
    5. Setup Youtube Sponsored videos (niche product reviews from channel)
    6. Run full page ad in niche related Trade Magazines if applicable


    Traffic sources for all sites listed in order of expected results

    1. PPC traffic
    2. Organic search traffic (this should outrank PPC eventually)
    3. Site banner traffic (from the 24 micro niche sites)
    4. Email subscribers from Aweber lists
    5. Squidoo Lenses
    6. Facebook Fanpages
    7. Youtube channel videos and subscribers
    8. Pinterest
    9. Twitter followers
    10. Forum posts
    11. Blog post comments
    12. Reddit posts (you can get a ton of visitors with the right post but it is inconsistent and most of the time links get pushed so far down you don't get anything)
    13. Tumblr
    14. Blogspot.com
    15. Wordpress.com
    16. Ezinearticles


    • Lastpass (free) keep up with username and pw for every account created
    • ManageWP ($15 for 25 sites) single point to manage all sites: posts and patches (wordpress only)
    • Serpbook (100 keywords monitored $20) track serp movement for big 3 engines
    • SEnuke XCr ($30 included with VPS)
    • Scrapebox (included with VPS, I own a legit copy but VPS provider includes)
    • TBS (included with VPS, I own a legit copy but VPS provider includes)
    • Google alerts (free) used to find new blog posts to comment to
    • Hootsuite ($5) schedule updates for fb and twitter one month at a time
    • IFTTT (free) automates updating tier 1 sites
    • Aweber ($20) email subscribers
    • Proxies (25 private proxies $48) for SEnuke and account creation
    • Captcha (around $30 per month)
    • iWriter (around $5 per article) After initial investment (building the 25 sites cost around $35 per site) this is around $60 per week for site updates and 1 press release.
    • Google docs (free) used to log all links created for each site. Easy to share with VA.
    • Google calendar (free) used to assign tasks to VA. Easy to make repeating tasks to keep the VA focused.


    Sites to research and consider to add to system

    1. Conduit.com
    2. Typepad.com
    3. Hubpages
    4. Instagram
    5. Other sites that will bring more traffic

    As I mentioned at the start once the first group of 5 sites are ranking well I will move to the next sites. This will take a few months to promote all sites but at a slow enough pace I should not get ahead of myself. Using the TLD sites may be cost prohibitive for a lot of products but for this project it is not. I am working directly with a manufacturer so their profit margins are really good. As monthly costs decrease (after creating the initial sites) I will reallocate the funds to more PPC. I am still looking for ways to improve so please let me know what you think.

    You are guaranteed to to learn at least one of two things either something new in the methods I mentioned above or two I am an idiot. Either way I would like to hear your opinion, everyone is entitled to one.

    Thanks for getting this far.
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    Wow, this is quite the thread. Hopefully more people read through this I'm surprised no one has thanked you yet! +rep as well!!
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    somewhere on this god forsaken planet
    Wow!! Very nice share bro. Bet that took a while to write ;)
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    JESUS, that is probably one of the best written methods, if this doesn't work for someone starting off in their niche, then IL BE DAMNED.
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    Man you can easily compile all that and sell it as a 'package'! Good stuff and definitely a method- not essentially something I will do. Some points--

    1) When you create 1 + 24 niche sites why don't you think more seriously about a proper linkwheel. You say 24 niche sites will not link with each other but directly to the money site- that is a linkwheel that was used like 5 years ago. It leaves a hell lot of bad footprint for Google to frown. Think about criss-cross linkwheel with web 2.0 and social bookmarking involved and you will be doing a lot less work with a lot more web properties than the 25 you have.

    2) For video distribution, make your work easier with Traffic Geyser ( which is much more than simply distributing) , or, TubeMogul ( OneLoad now). And I hope all your videos send traffic back to your main money site.

    My tuppence!
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    "You say 24 niche sites will not link with each other but directly to the money site- that is a linkwheel that was used like 5 years ago." The 24 micro niche sites only link back to the money site from a side bar banner that is no f0110w So although they link to the site the links do not count so maybe not a great linkwheel at that. I do see what you are saying though and your point is valid.

    I did use Traffic Geyser a few years ago and was not overly impressed with the results. I will look into OneLoad again since I have not used it very much in the past.

    Thank you very much for your "tuppence" it is very useful. As for selling this as a package I could not see myself doing that since most of this stuff is pretty common knowledge. The only parts I think are unique is using pinterest to post to tumblr, blogger, wp, and fb fanpage by using IFTTT. And that idea came from the creator of pinpioneer's instructional videos (+thanks to him)

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    I am impressed by your ideas, true you can come up with a superb and effective packages that will work for sure. +rep added :)
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    For a newbie like me, this is kind of information is GOLD. Thank you for sharing your method.
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    hahah sounds like you have it all figured out. Private targeted blog networks are key to ranking if you can afford it.
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    my eyes popped out to see how long the main post is. lol damn this is gunna take some time to get through ur content. good stuff op .
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    Nice & huge system. Everything was scraped and mixed into 1 salad. Good luck with Journey
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    Very thourough! Rep +1 and looking forward to updates.
  13. usdachoice

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    I caught the tail end of private blog networks and also felt the slap from Big G's pimp hand when they were deindexed. I had built a smaller 10 site configuration for this customer before and it is still running strong. They are releasing this new product and they wanted to go BIG. They asked for 100 sites but I don't have the servers, time, or manpower to build that and promote the youtube and facebook campaigns. It is just myself and my VA who has only been working for me for 1 year. As for costs all I can say is keep reinvesting and scaling up. All of my servers are paid for by adsense revenue so really I just pay for domain registration and content. If you don't have any money you can still use good web 2.0 and really good self written content. The obvious downside is that you don't own them.

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    Wow, this is the most comprehensive post i have ever seen on BHW! Nice job OP. Good luck to you. There is a lot of excellent information in here for noobs albeit on a smaller scale +rep
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    My intention was to just discuss the method but if others would like to see the results I can keep everyone updated. Since my focus is selling an actual product and not CPA or adsense I will focus on tracking serp placement and total # of visitors vs $$$ made. I think it would be nice to break down what sources provide the best results. Since I'm already a month into the project I have some results to update already. Not much traffic wise but most of the micro niche sites are completed. If enough people subscribe I will post up the results.
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    Minus the tier three and some of the tier two tactics you use, this is quite similar to the method I use to develop my authority blogs. Great post and I hope people will get a lot out of this. Awesome stuff!

    I noticed you mentioned you engaged with other influential YouTube channels. I would recommend doing the same with influential bloggers in your niche. They can drive a ton of traffic your way through guest posts and even just a name drop. (You may have mentioned this, I'll admit I skimmed the post, but if not, it's a suggestion :))
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    the World
    thanks for taking the time to write this.
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    Wow, great details. Will take a while to digest all of that! Thanks
  19. usdachoice

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    I will make weekly updates as I progress. I am already a month into it so the traffic is starting to trickle in.
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    Definately one of the detailed and well laid plan for authority site promotion on BHW. Would be interesting to see what traffic source will get you more converting traffic. Subscribed!