[Method] Setup a Profitable Business with Low Investment

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    Today I happened to see a lot of threads asking for profitable ways to invest their money. So I just thought of sharing a method which I used a year before.

    This method is not a trial and error method, now with google continuously playing around with the rankings, there is no fool proof method to make money in IM. If you do everything right, then there is good possibility of you succeeding, however nothing can be guaranteed. So I thought of sharing this method which is almost foolproof.

    You will need 200 dollars to start with.

    Step 1: Do some Niche Analysis and find out 6 .com domain names (EMD)which are sounding good. Book it with privacy. Cost involved 48 dollars

    Step 2: Get a hostgator 1 cent account.

    Step 3: Build Wordpress website, install good themes related to the domain names.

    Step 4: Put in good content, (spun is good) even article directory content is fine.

    Step 5: Make sure the site has everything, form a privacy, contact and about us page.

    Step 6: You need a couple of more sim cards here. Create three accounts in flippa. In one account integrate everything, established facebook, established linkedin and verify your phone number. Now create 2 or more accounts and verify them(if possible link facebook and linkedin for those accounts as well). So at the end of it you will have 9 points(if you have old account you will have 10 or more points) for the main account.

    Step 7: Make a listing for one of the best website. Set the buy in price at 147 with no reserve price. It will cost you 19 dollars for listing. Keep the bid duration for 3 days.

    Step 8: Write a good description about the site, the domain name and the scope for growth.

    Step 9: Wait for bids, you will definitely get a few, as there is no reserve and you are starting the bidding at 1 dollar. There might be a stagnation after 20 dollars. If it happens. Then go to plan B

    Step 10: The plan B is to use the other two accounts that you created and bid for the website. This will increase the price as well as create interest among buyers. You will get a buyer and mostly the bidding will stop around 60-65 dollars a the site is brand new. Its fine, transfer everything to the buyer promptly, give him all support and teach him how to do everything. Give a very good feedback for the buyer and in turn ask for a good feedback from the buyer.

    [Plan C: Assuming that you have have bid for your own domain through another account and did not get any further bids. Don't worry, let the bidding ends, you pay a success fee it will be quite less(around 5 dollars). Now give a good feedback for yourself. ]

    Do this for all your other 5 domains, so by the end of this process you will have 6 positive feedbacks and money left to rinse and repeat the method. Start outsourcing the website creation work and do it in a big scale.

    P.S: The worst thing that can happen is all your websites may go unsold, and you will lose 100 dollars, but you will have a flippa account that is trustworthy . Secondly you are not cheating anyone it is just a marketing gimmick to increase the price of your site.